Before coming back on cinema screens all over the world, the Marvel Super Hero Thor has made a glorious comeback into the mobile gaming world with Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game. While the game may not be the most complicated title recently released, some gamers may find more enjoyment in playing it by better knowing the mechanics that rule its gameplay features.

To help you get the best out of this nice little title, we will covering some nice tips that will help you in your journey through Vanaheim, Asgard, Jotunheim, Svartalfheim and the other worlds of the game.

  • 1 – Powering Up Thor

Thor can be powered up during the course of the game. The Strength stat makes him faster and stronger, Armors increase his defense powers and Skills allow you to teach the Thunder God some extra battle moves and Weapons, which add more range as well as some special effects to Thor’s attacks.

The best way to proceed in powering up Thors is obtaining some of his special moves as soon as possible. The hammer spin is a handy technique to have when surrounded by foes. Coupled with a good Strength stat, you can take out multiple enemies at the same time with just a single use of the move.

As for Weapons and Armors, there’s really no set route to follow, as you can obtain better equipment pieces as you see fit.

Allies can also be upgraded. The best way to enhance them is by boosting both speed and strength. By doing this you’ll make them a true asset in battle.

  • 2 – Building Up Runes/ISO-8

Even though you can create the perfect Thor build by playing through the game normally, you’re going to encounter some difficulties sooner or later that will require you to power up items and spells even more. An incredibly easy way to get more Runes and ISO-8 is by replaying already completed stages. Really, that’s all there is to it.

  • 3 – Einherjars

As we have already stated, Einherjars can be powered up in a few different ways. What most players may miss is that they are really, really good to have in battle if powered up accordingly. Some of the later stages of the game can become really easy if you send them before Thor to wreak some havoc. For this reason alone, most of your runes should go into powering them up. Runes are also used to obtain new equipment pieces but that should only been done after having taken care of your allies.

  • 4 – Dealing With Huge Groups Of Enemies

Sometimes brute forcing your way through a game is often the best way to go, given the circumstances. There’s a simple trick that can be used in the game that will give you a sound advantage. While being surrounded in the game, place your finger on the screen and move it in circles to touch all the enemies. By doing this Thor will attack all enemies while taking not too much damage.




  1. this game is awesome I have finished all the world in 3 i have Installed again for the second time thor the
    dark world gameplay and I have finished all the levels in nadeviller in 2 days but I still stuck in nadeviller for more than 2 weeks n cannot reached jotunheim and the rest of the level.please give me a tips and tell me what the reason?give me the answer really enjoy it from the beginning this games has been released last n
    ovember 2013.

    • Shame thing here, and can’t get to play out of the first world except for the bonus places.
      If you were able to fix it please tell how.

  2. i’m stuck in level 22 and 32 for the ACHIEVEMENT for 200 and 250 ruins to collect in jotumhiem. do you keep doing achievements in the book to gain them or do you find them in the mission? having a few problems with this any feedback would be great.

    • I can tell you that how you can get 200runes in 22 level. Firstly unequip your ally then start mission dont summon any einjeherjar till you get all 200 runes . To get this break all blue crystal and chests ,though this you will earn some runes then kill all enemies yourself some can give you runes .at the enemy base stand there and kill enemies ,after you get all runes then summon all 7 enherjar quikly and destroy enemy base.

  3. Hey… I am stuck trying to figure out how to pass through a red wall, Once I did it by accident but I’m trying to do it again, without success.
    Please let me know.


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