The Overkill series is ready to make quite a big leap in the next few months. The series will be going through a major overhaul which will fundamentally change how the next game of the series will be played.

Overkill 3 will be developed, like the rest of the series, by Craneballs Studio. The team is taking the development of the new game very seriously, trying to bring console quality gaming on mobile devices. Unlike the previous entries of the series, Overkill 3 will be a cover-based third person shooter, which is quite different from the more straightforward gallery shooting experience of the rest of the series.


Overkill 3 is still going to b a guided experience, judging from the teaser trailer released for the game, but it looks like players will be able to interact more during the shooting sections, making the whole experience feel more like an evolution rather than a revolution.

Overkill 3 will be released sometime during October on the App Store. The game will be released as a free to play title but this shouldn’t be a big problem, as the team really knows how to make good free to play games without abusing IAPs and other free to play mechanics that gamers despise.




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