Pluszle is a brand new puzzle game hitting the App Store today. Hey, even the name is a puzzle to say! Pluszle will test your skills with numbers in bite-sized challenges that get gradually harder and harder.

A puzzle in Pluszle presents you with a tiled board with a bunch of numbers on it. On the rightmost column and bottom row are sets of numbers. Your job as the puzzle solver is to find which of the numbers on the rest of the board match up to the numbers displayed inside the solution column and row.

It’s essentially a streamlined version of the classic puzzle game Sudoku. The boards start out relatively simple, but they grow increasingly in size as your progress further through the game. You’ll need to perfect your number crunching skills if you want to beat these levels with good times!

But if you’re not in the mood for some cutthroat puzzle solving, Pluszle features a difficulty selector too. Each level can be played on scaling difficulty levels, so if you just want to sit back and solve a board at your own pace, that’s totally fine too!

Pluszle releases a pack of new levels every month, so be sure to come back later and check out the new levels if you’re waiting for some more puzzling goodness.

Pluszle is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The game is free to download, but you’ll only be able to play the first fifteen levels. Afterwards you’ll need to pay to unlock the rest, either through one-time payments or a subscription.


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