Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Games

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks tips and cheats to help you win all the games and learn all that there is to know about the game.

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Now I have to say that growing up, I played a lot of Spider Solitaire on my old computer, and never imagined that there could be more done to that type of game – but I am happy to say that today I was as wrong as I could get, because Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks is super fun and exciting!

This game is super fun and it will make you want to play non stop until you pass all of the stages and discover all the hidden secrets there are in game! So since you’re here, I assume that you want to learn all the tips that we have about the game.

So let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks tips and tricks right here below!

Learn the cards’ order

The game will require you to make suites of the cards, which means that you will need to go higher or lower by one, no matter which card you are getting. But since the most important is to know the order of the cards, let me list it to you – actually, them, because there are two!

– Order 1: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A… and so on

– Order 2: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, A… and so on

This is one of the most basic things you can learn about the game, so I definitely suggest that if you don’t know it already, you try to memorize it because it will definitely help you (a lot) in this game. If you already know it because you might’ve played card games before, then you can skip this point entirely, but if this is your very first card game, then remember it!

Play the games

If you want to expand your tower and acquire more interesting decors, people and everything else that you might imagine, then all you need to do is play the levels. I suggest playing as much as you can because you will receive Rubies, which will help you build new stuff on the levels, and Coins, which will help you play more and unlock various other features.

I suggest that you play as much as you can, until the game is telling you that you cannot acquire any more levels from that specific stage. That is when you know that you need to spend your Rubies if you haven’t already to build new stuff.

The more levels you unlock, the more games you will be able to play and make more and more money.

My tip here: I always prefer to play as much as I can before I spend the Rubies, because it’s not only fun, but it’s also helping me understand the patterns some games have and the faster I learn to complete them, the more Coins I receive!

Complete your tasks with the Rubies

While you are in the game’s main interface you will see in the bottom left corner of the screen the game’s Task tab which you should always try to work with. These tasks will help you unlock new levels to the building, by adding item after item.

To complete a task you will need to play the levels, because once you complete a level you will receive 1 Ruby. When you will not receive any more Rubies from the levels, that means that you need to build more or wait until the building process is complete.

My suggestion here: In my opinion it’s best if you start working on one task at a time (a.k.a. you save plenty of Rubies to unlock one task, then save more to unlock the next one) because then you can have one unlocking while you are working on the next one.

Always try to do the quest within the time limit

Right in the Task tab, you will notice the second tab, Quest, will offer you various quests. These quests are timed, so try to always complete them within the time limit. The tasks it will ask you to complete are super easy usually, so all that you will need to do is play the game and you will complete them eventually.

If however one of the tasks is not to your liking, you can choose to tap the Skip button which will skip that quest entirely. (but I do not recommend this)

Check your Achievements

The in game Achievements will give you plenty of Gold and those should, by no means, be avoided. I suggest that you take a general look at them in the Task -> Achievement tab, because they are overall super simple and easy.

Check out what they ask you to do in order to complete them, and you will notice that the tasks are pretty easy overall. I suggest that when you complete one of the Achievements, you watch an advertisement to get 2x the amount of Coins shown as reward. It’s definitely worth it!

Craft Artifacts and equip them!

During your adventures playing the game (the normal stages) you will sometimes pick up various items: Tree of Life, Philosopher’s Stone or Mystic Powder. Depending on the amount of items you picked up, you will be able to craft Artifacts.

Those Artifacts will boost the amounts of Coins you receive after your games, or will give various other buffs which are going to make things easy for you as you progress through the stages.

My tip here: I suggest that you head on to the Artifact tab -> Collection and tap on the small magnifying glass next to an artifact to see what are the bonuses you receive for equipping it. Once you read and saw something that you like, then you can head on to the Craft tab and there you will see what are the items that you need to craft the said Artifact.

Watch an ad to earn free Coins!

Now for real – what could be better than free Coins, especially if you’ve found yourself in a stump. You can earn free Coins by watching an advertisement, and that is something super easy to do if you don’t mind watching an ad.

Simply head on to the main interface of the game, and on the upper left side you will see a gift icon with the text Free underneath. Tap on it and the very first option you will see is the Watch a video ad to get 3000 Coins!

Whenever you are out of Coins or simply want to add more to your collection, you can head on here and start watching an ad to get those free coins – just keep in mind that there is a 10 minutes cooldown between ads, so you can’t spam ad after ad.

Have extra Coins? Try to aim for the Top Prize!

Now if you have some extra Coins, and you would like to try your luck getting more, then you can try to play for the Top Prize. In the same gift icon menu, under the chest which offers you 3000 Coins for watching an ad, you can choose to play a mini game which costs 2000 Coins per spin.

Here you can earn from 4000 Coins up to 1 million coins, but the chances of winning are really really small, so I don’t really endorse this (for ethical reasons too). However, if you really want to do it because you are sitting on just too many Coins, then feel free to waste them away!

Use Boosters if you want

Bow a much better use of your Coins would be to play the stages and spend the extra Coins on boosters. There are three types of boosters:

Material x2: this booster costs 4000 Coins per use and it will give you double the materials that you acquire (it’s good for farming materials for Artifacts).

Clock +30: this booster will add another 30 seconds to the time limit, and it costs also 4000 Coins. (I don’t consider it to be super worth it, especially at the very early stages, because for your time you will get an average of +500 Coins, whereas the Clock+30 costs 4000!)

Cupid: this booster will remove all Prince and Princess cards at Tableau, and it costs 4000 Coins. It’s not really such a great booster especially if you already got used to how the game works.

In my opinion the best of the boosters is the Material x2 because that one you can get the most worth out of. As for the rest, you can give them a try but I am pretty positive you will come to the same conclusion as I did.

Watch an ad if the game asks you at the end

Sometimes the game will ask you to watch an ad to play a minigame at the end of your actual game. This is super good, and if you don’t mind watching an ad to open and play this minigame, then by all means do it because it will give you extra Coins and possibly Rubies too!

Basically all you have to do is tap, drag and drop a card of your choice from the bottom row into the middle circle – the more cards you draw, the more rewards you will get – until you draw the witch, which will stop the minigame. Once you did draw the witch, your cards will start counting and will add up – you can draw the King which will give you various amount of Gold or Princess which will give you Rubies!

A few extra Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks tips and tricks:

– You will notice that in the top left side of the screen you will have a timer – if you finish the stage within the time limit, you will get some extra Coins! Try to do this every time – if you can’t, then don’t worry, you can still complete the level but without some extra Coins.

– You can count higher or lower! Remember that if you got a 3 (for example) you can go 4, 5 and so on, or you can go 2, A. If you have some extra cards around the same count, you can go 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 4 for example – there is nothing stopping you from removing as many cards off the table as possible!

– Use the Undo button only if you have a better option before your cards are about to run out – otherwise, there is no need to use it only because you missed one card.

– Always try to make bigger combos – they will give you more coins as rewards at the end, so it is definitely worth it.

Check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Theme Solitaire: Tower TriPeaks Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Games

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