The Witcher: Monster Slayer- How to Parry


Your Hunt Begins… The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a new augmented-reality RPG available for free on iOS and Android. Players hunt monsters in their surrounding area by tracking them, learning their habits, and defeating them with your best weapons, armour, and potions.

Players must battle these formidable foes, gaining skills and experience on the way. to defeat these monsters your Witcher must perfect the defensive parry- blocking the monster’s attack as it comes at you.

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To perform the perfect parry you must tap and hold the screen during the fight- this makes your Witcher hold their sword up in defence. Watch out for the red skull icon that appears above the monster’s health bar- this means they are about to attack.

Players must stop swinging their sword in order to parry, so don’t just aimlessly swipe- time all your moves so you can parry in the right moment. A good way to die quickly is by swiping and swiping in the hopes the monster will fall.

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It takes some practice to time it just right but if you do you will perform a ‘perfect’ parry. Perhaps take some time to practice with the dummy in the tutorial. A perfect parry will help you win the battle and also gain you extra XP.

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer- How to Parry


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