The Witcher: Monster Slayer is an augmented reality RPG in which players can explore their surroundings, slaying dark foes, completing quests, and collecting items for crafting.

Some of the quests players are sent on as The Witcher are time-specific- some ask you to go to a place at dawn or dusk. These are indicated by a rising or setting sun icon in the top left corner of your screen where it shows you time and weather conditions.

The top left icon shows the time of day and the weather at this moment

The specificity adds to the immersive aspect of the game however it can make completing quests a little difficult for some players who cannot get out at those times. The best advice given is to try to complete these more difficult quests on days where you have more free time and are willing and able to get up super early or stay up late. Some also have time limits of 3-4 days to complete the quest.

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Dawn and dusk are determined by your own time zone so use a search engine to find out what those times are and, give or take 20 minutes, that is when you should complete those quests. Some community members have advised to change the time on your smartphone, if you can, to trick the game into thinking it is dawn or dusk. This could save you the trouble of waiting around at night or getting up super early.

Please remember to be safe, take someone with you if you are going exploring late in the evening, and always keep an eye on your surroundings.

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