The War of Genesis: Battle for Antaria Cheats: Tips & Guide to Form a Strong Team

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These War of Genesis: Battle for Antaria tips and cheats we will share with you in our guide today will tell you everything that you need to know in order to gather all the best heroes and have them fight for you in order to conquer the galaxy. 

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There are a few things to take into consideration in this game, from unlocking good gears for your heroes, to keeping up with the difficulty of the levels. We will cover everything that you need to know, so follow our guide right here below and tune into the game to put into practice all the tips we will share with you!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the War of Genesis: Battle for Antaria tips and tricks!

Use the elements to your advantage

Each hero has their own element, which could be either strong or weak against another. These elements determine the type of skills a hero controls, and thus the strength of that certain hero. So let’s take a look at how elements react against each other and try to use that in your following battles to turn the fight in your favor:

Water is strong against Fire

Fire is strong against Wind

Wind is strong against Water

Dark is strong against Light

Light is strong against Dark

The 3 earthly elements each have a counterpart, but the Dark and Light elements counter each other, dealing extra damage to one another. 

It’s good to take into account these factors when fighting an enemy, because it can really make a difference in a battle, and turn it in your favor at any point. I suggest collecting at least one hero wielding each element, as that can ensure that no matter what enemy you’re facing, you have the exact counter for it.

If you know that you will go against a certain number of enemies of the same element, then it’s best if you use more heroes of the countering element, because that will make the fight go much, much easier!

Use the Auto Battle when you want

The auto battle function works very nice when you don’t really have the time (or patience) to fight the monsters yourself and select the skills. It’s a great feature that will let you make the fights run very fast, especially if you use the Auto Battle function together with the 2x Speed.

I suggest using this for the very early levels, as the chances of you losing the battle are really close to 0 (rather non existent). If you keep your heroes leveled up at all times, the Auto Battle is going to work pretty well for the later levels too, so make sure you keep your heroes up to date at all times!

Get the very useful daily login rewards!

Every new day that you log in you are going to receive a new daily reward. There are 7 days that you get a unique reward for, and there are some really useful ones too! On the 3rd and 7th day you get some free heroes, so it’s a nice and easy way to gather them and add them to your collection. 

On the 5th day you will get some VIP points, which are a very useful resource in the game that you will need to further become stronger. The 2nd and 6th day rewards are some Diamonds, which you should definitely collect to summon even more heroes.

Summon more heroes

You can do a few summons every day if you distribute your resources accordingly. The Normal Summon option will let you summon heroes by using Summon Tickets, which you can gather by leveling up the admiral (a.k.a. your level, that you see in the top left) up to level 30. 

There are also the Special Summon (5*) that will let you test your luck in summoning a hero of your choice for paying 25 Summon Stones per try. You can then choose between a 7×7 grid (49 slots) by tapping on a selected one, and if you’re lucky you can get that hero of your dreams.

The Special Summon (4*) works the same as the Special Summon (5*), but costs only 15 Summon Stones per try, and will grant you a 4 star hero (of the ones listed available there). 

With the Normal Summon you can either choose to summon with a Summoning Ticket, or by paying 1000 Diamonds per summon. That’s why it’s essential to collect all the possible Diamonds in the game, because if you are lucky you can pick up a really nice 5 star hero from even the simple Normal Summon!

Kill unique monsters to level up heroes

I suggest keeping the heroes you want leveled up in the hero roster, and take them with you in the fights that you will encounter. This is a great way to level them up, because whenever you kill a monster for the very first time, a random hero from the party will get 1-2 levels. 

If you want them all to level up quickly, I suggest to rotate between the heroes, and that way you can constantly keep leveling them up until you get the 5 star heroes you want. 

Level up the heroes

There are many ways to level up the heroes you want. In the very early stages of the game you will keep receiving some heroes from the quest line, but if you haven’t done the Hero Summoning yet, I suggest that you do it because you never know if you will get a 5 star hero!

Also, if you don’t intend to use these early stage heroes, then I suggest that you don’t level them up for no reason, but rather focus on the stronger ones.

To level up the heroes, you can either use Hero Level Up Scrolls, which will level up the heroes for as many levels as the scroll shows. For example, a 5 star hero scroll will level up the hero by 5 levels. This is a great way to boost the heroes, but it;s best if you use those scrolls on the heroes you plan on using for the long run, as they are not as easy to gather.

Another way to level up the heroes is by tapping on the “Level up” tab, which is a timed option. This option will raise the level of your hero by one in the written amount of time. I suggest using this option for all the heroes, including the heroes you don’t plan to use, as it is free and will raise your admiral’s power.

Another tip I will give you about leveling up the heroes is to start the timed level up before you go to sleep. Especially at the later levels where it will take hours for the heroes to level up, this is a basically free way to have their level raised by the time you log in to the game again.

The last option to level up the heroes is by using Diamonds. The cost of the levels will greatly increase by each level, but I really don’t endorse using the Diamonds for leveling up the heroes because you will get a much better result by using them to summon new heroes.

Don’t shy away from using the free boosts

At the very early levels you will have the possibility to level up the heroes for free. This is good to take advantage of, since it will help you fight the monsters with the Auto Battle option (you are higher level, so they die easier).

The building upgrades are also available for free early on, and some of them will be required to complete the quest line. If you are a little impatient (like me) you can choose to do these upgrades for free, but some of them will require you to wait, so it’s best if you will spend that time doing what we will suggest in the next section: battle monsters.

Fight all your stamina away

You collect stamina points either as quest reward or by waiting it out. While you wait for some hero levels or building upgrades to be finished, I suggest that you check out the map and start exploring.

Whenever you see a new monster that you haven’t killed yet, go right ahead and fight it! Just like the monsters that are new, the high level monsters aren’t to be ignored! They give good EXP and it’s good to take them into consideration when exploring the map.

If you want to quickly recharge your stamina, you can also use Diamonds for it, but as I said, my favorite use of Diamonds is for summoning new heroes, but you can do as you wish! 

Craft hero gear

Don’t let your heroes naked on the battlefield! It’s important that you craft some good gear for the heroes, as that will increase their power and make fights much easier. There are different types of gear, so depending on the type of hero you’ve got, use the right type of gear!

For the very strong attacker heroes, use some ATK gear, as that will greatly boost their damage against monsters. If you have some healers, go either for DEF or speed. The tanks will obviously need DEF or HP, depending on their main stats, so read carefully each of your favorite hero’s skills, and gear up accordingly.

Don’t forget to use the skills!

In the later levels, you will find it harder and harder to fight using the Auto Battle function, and that will make things a little harder, especially if you’ve been relying on it until now. Don’t forget that your heroes have their own set of skills, so you should definitely use them when needed.

Some of these skills are buffs, some are debuffs and some are strong attack skills. When you are using a support hero (and you definitely should!) in your team don’t forget to cast the shields and heals on your allies to make them survive for the whole fight!

Also, the attackers’ skills might have the ability to even one shot the enemy monsters, so use them whenever possible! This will make fights end quicker and will greatly increase the chances of you getting 3 star rating in the fights!

These would be all the The War of Genesis: Battle for Antaria tips and tricks we have for you right now! Don’t forget to make the summons and gather powerful heroes from early on, as that will make a difference! If you have some other cool tips and tricks for fellow players, leave them down in the comments below! 

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The War of Genesis: Battle for Antaria Cheats: Tips & Guide to Form a Strong Team

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