The third episode for The Walking Dead: Season Two is going to be released next week on the App Store, Telltale Games confirmed last week.

The third Episode, which is going to be called In Harm’s Way, features Clementine and her group getting captured by a new violent new leader. As usually, our heroine will have to fight her own way and make some difficult choices to survive.

A new trailer has also been released for the third Episode and you can find it by going here.

The Walking Dead: Season Two will star Clementine as the main character, continuing her story. The Season will be divided into five different episodes that will be released during the course of 2014.

Just like the first season of the game, in Season 2 players will have to make some decisions that will ultimately influence the story’s progressions. Nothing too big, to be honest, but still good to have. Expect the new season of The Walking Dead to play like the one before, with plenty of QTE, zombies to avoid and more.

The Walking Dead: Season Two is now available for download on the App Store. The third Episode, In Harm’s Way, is going to be released next week as an IAP for the first episode.



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