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The Upcoming Impressive Strategic RPG Ark Legends

The Upcoming Impressive Strategic RPG Ark Legends

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Love mobile RPGs but are struggling for something new to play? Well, we’ve got a recommendation for you: Ark Legends.

There is a soft launch in Canada and Indonesia from November 1st. While it’s not quite out in other regions just yet, you can pre-register right now to get a chance at some exciting real-life prizes, including Apple AirPods and Amazon gift cards.

That’s on top of the usual in-game rewards that you get when developer Melting Games hits certain milestones.

If you’re not sold just yet, here are five reasons why you should definitely pre-register for Ark Legends.

Pixar-Style World

When you first check out Ark Legends, you’ll likely be blown away by the visual design. It screams Pixar, with its expressive characters and diverse world bursting with colour.

The variety of biomes you can explore helps too, of course, with icy, craggy mountains making way to islands covered in an inferno. 

You can also expect the usual fantasy fare of open plains and dense forests, and a handy exploration percentage indicator will help you keep track of how much of the world you’ve seen.

An Engrossing Story

The background of Ark Legends involves the inhabitants of the Aruthka Continent discovering mysterious technology that is far in advance of their own.

While, initially, this is an exciting time for the people, things soon turn sour as the various factions duke it out for control of the tech.

Eventually, only six remained: Shield Alliance, Glacial Empire, Sacred Forest, Boil Blood, Luminaid Temple, and Umbra Covenant. These formed an uneasy peace.

But it didn’t last long until a new organisation, Aquidro, stirred the pot again. Your job is to try and put a stop to this evil organisation so that peace can reign again.

A Huge Cast of Characters

You don’t have to go it alone though. Ark Legends features nearly 100 heroes that you can recruit. Each plays differently, with their own unique skillset.

All characters are assigned a class though, which falls into one of six different types: Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Defender, Warrior, and Support.

Strategy For Days

Once you’ve recruited your favourite heroes, there’s plenty of ways you can make them stronger. You can level them up, unlock new talents, and equip them with loot.

Unlock sigils and you can also equip them, unlocking all new attributes for each hero.

While battling, you can choose when to unleash each hero’s active skills, setting up combos to deal with your opponents a little faster.

Plenty to Dig Your Teeth Into

If you like games with plenty of content, Ark Legends won’t disappoint. There’s a massive story campaign, complete with side quests and challenges.

Then there are your typical daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that you can complete, rewarding you with resources for doing so.

When you feel sufficiently powerful, you can battle in the Lost Sector for sigils, the Golden Vale for coins, or the Potion Institute for XP.

And finally, there’s the Elemental Valley, which showers you with cores, and Sky City, which is a great source of gold and diamonds.

If you like the sound of Ark Legends, we recommend that you pre register for it right now. Do so, and you’ll get in-game items at launch, as well as a chance to win some physical rewards such as airpods and more. 

There will be a soft launch in Canada and Indonesia. You can access this by using the redeem code HELLOARK. To keep up with the latest updates, you can also check out the official Facebook page or TikTok.

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The Upcoming Impressive Strategic RPG Ark Legends


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