The Tale of the Three Brothers Involves Which Magical Artifacts? Hogwarts Legacy Answers


Hogwarts Legacy’s main storyline includes interesting missions, quests, puzzles, and quizzes. Even though most questions asked during the quiz are straightforward, some might require additional explanation. Read this guide, and you will find out which Magical Artifacts Tale of the Three Brothers involves. Moreover, we will discuss all the artifacts it includes.

Tale of Three Brothers Magical Artifacts in Hogwarts Legacy

This question is the third thing you will be asked during the first Sophronia Hogwarts Legacy Quiz. Fortunately, the answer is straightforward. The Tale of Three Brothers includes the Deathly Hallows as Magical Artifacts. 

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What Are Deathly Hallows?

Deathly Hallows are special magical objects presented in the Harry Potter universe. Deathly Hallows were created by Death itself, making them one of the most valuable items according to J.K Rowling’s books.

The Elder Wand

The Wand of Destiny, also known as The Elder Wand, is considered the most influential wand in the Harry Potter universe. Using The Elder Wand makes its owner undefeatable in the duel, which seems to be the most potent boost you can receive.

The Resurrection Stone

The Resurrection Stone is an unnoticeable Black Stone that has significant power inside. It can temporarily bring a dead person back to life as a ghost or shade. If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, you probably know that Harry used The Stone of Resurrection to talk with his parents.

The Cloak of Invisibility

The Cloak of Invisibility is the most straightforward but still highly effective Deathly Hallow. It makes the user entirely invisible. Moreover, even magic like Revelio cannot make a person visible under The Cloak of Invisibility.

That’s it with Magical Artifacts in the Tale of the Three Brothers. These artifacts are Deathly Hallows, such as The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone, and The Cloak of Invisibility. And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to beat Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The Tale of the Three Brothers Involves Which Magical Artifacts? Hogwarts Legacy Answers


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