Fans of the Sims franchise will be extremely pleased to hear that a new free to play title has just been launched by Electronic Arts and Maxis: The Sims Mobile. Right now, the game is only available in a soft launch phase in Brazil, but it’s expected to become available worldwide sooner rather than later.

Although mobile gamers can play The Sims 3 on their devices, as well as the free to play The Sims FreePlay, the new game in the series comes with a really addictive challenge that can really change the way you play the game. The Sims Mobile is based on the Sims 4 Legacy challenge, which basically sees you start in extreme poverty and work your way up, building your wealth and legacy for the generations to come. This means that the original Sim will eventually die, but the next generations will live on and work on building the legacy themselves.

It’s not clear right now if the Sims will actually hit the dust in The Sims Mobile, but since there’s talk about multi-generational families, they probably will. Which makes things even more interesting and definitely offers a twist to the way regular games are played (where your main character sticks with you until you uninstall the game).

In The Sims Mobile, players can also interact with their real-life friends in a whole new way. Their Sims can host and attend parties, develop relationships as best friends, nemeses, soul mates, and more with their real-life friends’ Sims, and share in big moments together in the game. From creating amazing Sims and shaping their Sims’ stories, to collecting valuable rewards and sharing experiences with friends, the options to play with life are endless.

The Sims mobile is available only in Brazil at the moment, on both iOS and Android. There’s no exact date for the worldwide release, but we can only hope that it’s going to happen soon.


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