The Rhythm of Fighters

New DLC packs will soon be released for The Rhythm of Fighters, the unique rhythm game released not too long ago on iOS.

The new DLC packs include some new tracks for the game. The first pack includes tracks from The King Of Fighters ’97 while the other includes tracks from another SNK Playmore game, Metal Slug Defense. Both packs include four new tracks and cost $2.99 each. There are no news on when the DLC packs will be available but they should become available before long.


The Rhythm of Fighters is a really unique experiment which combines a rhythm games experience with the characters of the King Of Fighters series. The game includes many different tracks from the series as well as nice 2D graphics that make the game feel like a classic entry of the series. With the exception that you will be performing your attacks and special moves in a very different way than usual.

The Rhythm of Fighters is now available for purchase on the App Store. The new DLC packs should become available before long. As usual, we will keep you updated on their release as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news.




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