The Pokemon Company is Asking YOU to Join Their Evil Organization?! (Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)


No, don’t get any funny ideas. We’re not saying The Pokemon Company or Nintendo is evil. We aren’t talking about them. You won’t be getting any dangerous gossip here (we’d like to keep our jobs).

We’re talking about something that the Japanese handle of The Pokemon Company posted on Twitter a while ago. They posted a promotional video for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl which acted like a ‘recruitment video’. A recruitment video for the players to join Team Galactic, the main antagonistic organization in the 4th generation main series Pokemon games.

The video showed stunning visuals and happy images of what it would be like to work for the ‘Ginga’ (Japanese name for ‘Galactic’) corporation. The Pokemon Company then further added a link to the caption of the post, leading you to Team Galactic’s official website!

This website actually acts like a recruitment website, where you can read the company’s motivations and goals, how they want to use cosmic energy to “lead all Pokemon and nature to freedom” (loosely translated by Google). Basically, trying to make themselves seem like good guys, which we know isn’t the case, through the original Diamond and Pearl games.

The lengths to which The Pokemon Company went to make this website look legit is impressive and hilarious, and it really does help with making players delve into the world a little more. They even have tastefully humorous employee testimonials — and not to forget — an application form to “become a member”!

After entering your name, you will be asked basic MCQ trivia questions about ‘Ginga’ Corporation, like stating their core values, choosing which is their logo between 4 options, and whatnot. There are also application-type questions, which have you answering questions about the corporation.

If you answer these questions in a way that makes the company look suspicious, you are more than likely to fail the application, which I thought was hilarious. If you answer the questions in the desired manner, you “pass” and become a member, as they show you your digital badge with your name on it, that you can share on various social media platforms. A fun and cool little concept by The Pokemon Company to generate more hype around the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games. If you would like to check out the website yourself, click here.

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The Pokemon Company is Asking YOU to Join Their Evil Organization?! (Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)


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