The Pinball Wizard Guide: Tips & Cheats To Reach the Top

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For many centuries, a magical construct known as the “Eye,” defend the world from evil monsters and invasions. The power has begun to weaken, and now it is up to a young wizard apprentice to climb the tower and repair the Eye in The Pinball Wizard, a roguelike pinball game that mixes in RPG elements to create an arcade experience like no other!

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In Touch Tap Play’s The Pinball Wizard tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of playing as the apprentice and how to become more accurate with your shots. Surviving the ascent up the tower is no easy task, so let’s get started with our The Pinball Wizard cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to reach the top!

Ascend the Tower

In The Pinball Wizard, your main objective is to reach the top of the tower where the Eye is located. Each level of the tower is fixed, meaning that every level will be the same on every new run through the tower.

Your journey will be filled with various obstacles, including dastardly enemies that will try to hurt you and stop all your progress. Certain enemies can retaliate when you attack them, and if you take too much damage, your run will end.

But fret not – at the end of each run your experience points and treasure are tallied up. You will learn powerful new skills when you level up and the treasure you collect can be used to upgrade said skills.

So, even if you have a bad run and you die in a really dumb way, you are still earning experience points and treasure. Keep going and ascend the tower!

(This The Pinball Wizard guide was published first on Touch Tap Play)

Controlling the Flippers

As unique as The Pinball Wizard is, at its core it is still a pinball game. That means that you will need good control over the flippers if you want to be accurate enough to hit anything intentionally.

As a general guide, the closer the wizard is to the smaller tip of the flipper will fling them outward away. When the wizard is closer to the thicker part of the flipper, they will be launched more inward. Keep this in mind when you are aiming for specific things.

If you need to, you can slow down the wizard and “pocket” them for an easier time aiming. If the wizard is moving too fast, tap and hold both sides of the screen to lift the flippers and hold them like that.

When the wizard rolls back to the flippers, they will stop and roll into the pocket you have formed. You can then let go and the wizard will roll gently onto the flippers, making it easier to line up a shot.

Whatever you do, always keep your eye on the wizard and make sure that you do not let them drop between the flippers. Your wizard will respawn but suffer a health penalty, with a stronger penalty the higher you are in the tower. At high levels a fall may be instantly fatal, so be careful!

Taking out Monsters

Monsters are your main obstacles to deal with as you ascend the tower, but they are also the key to progression. One monster in the level will be carrying a key, and the key is the only way to open the way forward.

The most basic monster is the slime that moves back and forth on a pre-determined path. Their simplicity is supposed to teach you about the counterattack mechanics – when the slimes turn red, bumping into them will cause you to take damage as well.

You will need to try to time your launches to the best of your ability; of course, you may end up taking damage anyways because the enemies decide to be jerks. The bottom line is to watch and study enemies to learn their attack patterns, and then try to hit them when the coast seems clear.

Head for the Door for a Health Boost

Remember, if you manage to make it to the door before the timer runs out, you will receive a nice health boost. This boost can save your life if you are struggling, so it is very important.

With that said, it is kind of hard to get into the door. The doors are often place in awkward angles, and nothing short of the perfect launch trajectory will get you into the door. Once you get skills – namely the dash skill – they are a lot easier to reach.

If the level looks too rough, you can avoid picking up the key and try clearing out the level more. The timer only starts when you pick up the key, so you can buy yourself time by avoiding it on purpose.

Collecting Experience Points and Treasure

Every time you bump into something solid, whether it is an obstacle or enemy, you will earn experience points. Slaying enemies nets you more experience points, but you can also get them from running into barrels.

There are certain barrels lying around with symbols on them, and when you collide into them you will earn the corresponding resource. If you see experience point barrels lying around, make sure to give them a good smack to rack up extra experience points.

There are also barrels for treasure (the orange diamonds), so make sure you hit these as well. There is also treasure just lying around, and you should grab every last one of them. The reason behind this is that there are hidden groups of treasure that will only spawn if you pick up all treasure from the first group.

Each level has varying amounts of treasure, so make sure to grab as many of them as you can before you leave the level.

When you level up, your maximum health, attack power, and max energy will increase. You may also learn new skills too!

Grab the Dash Skill as Soon as Possible

Your first run will be very… painful, to say the least. No matter how accurate you are with the flippers, you are still subject to the game’s physics and many times you will find yourself missing your targets.

This is immediately remedied once you hit level 2, which is when you unlock the first skill Dash. With the Dash skill, you can slow down time and propel the wizard in a direction of your choosing, provided you have good timing.

The Dash skill makes it much more manageable to get into the door ways, hit hard to reach enemies, and so on. There is a reason this is the first skill in the game!

Tower Checkpoints

Usually if you bite the dust, you will have to start from the very beginning of the tower. However, there are certain levels that count as checkpoints, and if you reach them you are able to restart the game from that specific floor.

The first checkpoint you will reach is 6F. If you can manage to survive up to this point, you can start from here the next time you play the game. There are two more checkpoints after this, so keep at it and you will be able to reach the top of the tower eventually.

Infinite Dungeon

Upon reaching 16F in the tower for the first time, you will unlock the infinite dungeon. As the name implies, this is a version of the game that will never end until you lose all of your health.

This mode is a fun distraction, but you also gain experience points and treasure from these dungeons as well. If you need to level up and upgrade skills, playing through the infinite dungeon is not a bad idea.

That’s all for The Pinball Wizard! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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The Pinball Wizard Guide: Tips & Cheats To Reach the Top

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