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The Life Simulator Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Your Perfect Life

The Life Simulator Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Your Perfect Life

It seems that it’s that time of the year where Life Simulator games are extremely popular and everything started with the beautiful BitLife – Life Simulator. But now we have another really great game (and extremely challenging too), simply called The Life Simulator – and we’re here to share cheats and tips for it in our complete strategy guide.

This game shows no mercy. Extremely difficult to win, it gives you a limited amount of scenarios, but you will surely need a lot of time to ace them all.

But we’re here to help you win the game created by Mind Vacation and I am sure you’ll have a ton of fun, just like we did. Yes, and a bit of frustration, because you can’t have a solid life sim without that.

So, without further ado, let’s check out below some The Life Simulator tips and tricks for the mobile game by Mind Vacation!

Scenarios set the difficulty level
There are seven scenarios currently available in the game and they are basically different difficulties for the game.

Neither gives you an easy stroll through life though and you’ll have a challenge with each scenario type that you play.

Read the description in order to anticipate how difficult it will be to play that life (hint: it will be very difficult no matter what you choose).

Probably the easiest scenario is the High School Dropout – you start the game with some money, you have middle school education and a full life ahead of you.

Everything else is really challenging, except for maybe the Old Man scenario which gives you a bit of everything (except for a long life). Try these two first in order to get acquainted to the game’s mechanics and try the more difficult ones afterwards.

The salary structure is not bugged
I have played a few games in different scenarios and in each case I thought that the salary structure is flawed.

The first scenario I played in was the College Dropout and got the Burger Flipper job where I was supposed to earn $250 per month. However, I was only getting $225 from the beginning.

I restarted the game, considering that was a bug and went for the “Educated and in debt” scenario, where I instantly became a Data Entry Clerk for a salary of $400 per week. But I only earned $200 each time I worked. I was really angry because of this bug.

But I realized it’s not a bug. You have life expenses each week and they are listed in the bottom right of the screen.

That’s probably the most important area to look at, since you get an overview of your expenses each week and you can better plan your life. Everything influences the cost of living, making the game insanely difficult – so keep an eye on your weekly cash flow!

Move into the Small Apartment ASAP
If you’re playing a scenario where you don’t already have a decent house (and usually you won’t), try to move in the small apartment ASAP.

That is the first housing option that doesn’t affect your stats negatively and at $180 per week is relatively affordable.

However, you will need to put aside a lot of money in order to afford it. But even if you don’t plan out things too well, it’s still worthwhile because you can switch to something cheaper without any penalty.

Find the perfect Work – School Balance
In most scenarios, this is the most important thing: balancing study with work, in order to be able to get a better paying job.

First, look at the jobs available and the requirements to get one. In most cases, you will be able to progress in your career after completing the number of weeks indicated under the job, so salaries will get better… but not fast.

The best basic job in my opinion is the Trainee (which requires you to study Biology) – and I say that because it doesn’t negatively affect your stats like the other jobs in the same pay range do. Being an Uber driver seems like a solid option too… but I guess that by the time you have the money to afford a car, you’ll probably be able to get a better paying job also.

But the point is that you should get the best paying job ASAP and work hard. Don’t pull Overtime or All nighters unless your mood is really good… it will probably cost you more to replenish it than the earnings you’ll get as a bonus (at least on lower income jobs)

Develop your skills sooner rather than later
Apart from the studies, there’s something else to complicate things a bit: Skills. These are similar to studies, but very expensive.

Each skill unlocks a special trait or gives you a bonus – for example, the Hygiene Expert sees your character get sick less often, while the Home Chef gives you better food options.

Again, you will have to prioritize here based on your character and take things one at a time (but most likely after completing your studies). I personally believe that Home Chef and Personal Finance are the best two skills to invest in early on, followed by Hygiene Expert, Meditation Expert and Stoicism.

Free Leisure is great leisure
Leisure is what usually keeps you in a good mood and mentally strong. Fortunately, you have a free option here – take the week off, which gives you a really nice boost. That is what you should focus on for a while, because the $25 option that’s immediately available afterwards doesn’t really offer a huge bonus for the money.

It’s strange, actually, to see that the more expensive options don’t give you a bigger boost per dollar spent.

For example, Grab Drinks costs $200 and boosts your happiness by 12 and mental health by 10. Visiting a park for 8 times in a row costs $200 too, and would give you a +40 happiness boost and +32 mental health.

Although it would seem better to go with the cheaper options, the biggest win that you get from the pricier ones is that you don’t have to waste that much time performing that action. But I still consider the costs prohibitive, at least early on in the game…

Being in a relationship is EXPENSIVE
As if we didn’t have too many expensive things ALREADY in the game… relationships come to show us that either life is really tough or there are some balancing issues that have to be dealt with in The Life Simulator.

Being in a relationship is extremely expensive, as there are tons of ways for you to spend money (and you have to if you want to progress in that relationship). The good news is that you get some bonuses from being in one, so it’s not just money wasted. Although the boosts are too expensive imho.

Always keep an eye on your stats
All that matters is shown in the top left corner: your stats, your money and your debt. That’s where you should always look and try to improve what goes into the red because if you spend too much time with any of your three stats on the red, it’s game over.

And this will happen a lot more often than you’d like to, especially during your first playthroughs because micromanaging everything is really difficult.

Win the lottery!
Like all life simulation games out there, The Life Simulator gives you the option to play the lottery and potentially win huge earnings.

I never managed to get that done and ended up wasting money, although I did win a small prize every now and then. But at $10 per ticket, with how expensive things are in the game… even a lottery ticket sounds like a luxury item.

But once you can afford it, get one or two tickets every now and then… who knows? Maybe you’ll strike lucky once and end up your life of mysery!

This would be our guide for The Life Simulator. It’s definitely the most challenging game that we have played in this genre and that’s mostly because of the scenarios.

If you have additional tips and advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to comment below. If you have any questions, do the same!

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The Life Simulator Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Your Perfect Life


  1. Hello I found this very useful but can you tell us how to get some of the perks? I got almost every perk except for polymath and I really want to get it.

  2. In my current life I’m 98 and have several kids and regularly check on them and saw that my eldest(age 67) is retired, and I’m very confused on how you retire. If you could just give me a step-by-step tutorial on how to retire(if there is one) it would be greatly appreciated

  3. I’ve succeeded in life (according to the game) and paying attention to your side hustles and business is a very important part to helping you earn cash in the millions and billions. Just make sure you have a job that keeps you out the red in terms of debt that way you could have even four kids and still be earning a weekly wage of over 200k by 70 years at least hell maybe ten cause I pay the max everything and I buy a elixir by 79 the latest and I don’t even work the highest job,, the business all give a high pay out and viral videos pay gang money if you have maxed out laptop you could go to the doctor all the time and still earn money if you have viral videos on maxed outed laptop

  4. I always just buy a video game console as soon as I start, choose to drive for Uber, spam all-nighters until I get depressed, spam play video games until my happiness bar is full, and repeat.

    Another tip I have is to get a college degree for philosophy and work as a legal assistant. Go into your device settings and set your date and time to the highest date, enter the app, earn an easy 410K, go back to your settings, set your date and time back to normal, and repeat. With this trick I earned $6,150,000 very, very fast.

  5. Anyone know how to do the philanthropy projects?? they cost so much money. I have level 11 businesses but i’m wondering how i could get even close to the other projects

    • Do the side hustle for some quick cash, then once you get a nice income start a business (just one u don’t need multiple), and focus on getting that to level 12 and you’ll be making septillion’s easy

      • How do you level up/upgrade your business? Because i open a Restaurant and the revenue is automatically less than it costs to upkeep the business.

      • I have actually started every business. But I agree start a business once you get your business degree in college and have $1M saved up. I suggest starting the factory. Put your employee benefits at medium and hire ONE worker. Once you start making a positive profit from that factory then hire the max workers. I would stay off from the side hustles though, at least until you have some decent income coming in every week from your business.

  6. Start as a child. Never date. Have 2 dogs by the age of 40. Max relationship with parents to get 30 a week allowance, finish school ASAP and get recording studio equipment. Go hard on making YouTube content. Eventually you are making enough to open up a resteraunt business. I’m literally at the point where I make 400 quintillion a week. Don’t leave money in the bank once you are making a ton. Keep putting it into renting out buildings as it’s a greater interest and once I maxed out one of the 5 businesses you can do, you don’t have a limit on the amount of people you can hire and every week you just hire more so each week your profits significantly increase to the point where literally I’m 22 again, making too much money, I own everything, just cured cancer and about to solve world hunger. Once you are a pro YouTuber, just go into computer science so you can open up a software studio while also being an app developer. By the age of 30 your first go without using a youth potion, you’ll never have to work again, except in creating videos/movies,book/music/apps. Get all those on the go too but start with YouTube as it’s the easiest.

  7. STOCKS STOCKS STOCKS! The game has a range on the stocks however if you just always put your money in stocks and forget about you’ll come back to a lump sum, I’m making 12 mil a week and have 74 billion in stocks, I’ve been using the age elixer too, I’m making a good amount to where I just put my money straight to the stocks

  8. dear creator of this forum, I immediately started as an app developer at the age of 19, you struggle between 20-26 than you (by 50), startup the real estate company (as it gives the most income) take all contracts, than do ad campaigns until the the reputation reaches 1000, than upgrade, rinse repeat except don’t do ad campaigns also, set the resources to high.

  9. Okay so the best way is to go to school asap and go to college for computer science and make apps … pays little at first and quickly increases in value do this the most and invest. Have a great relationship with your parents invest all your money in the bank and buy property often and buy the property that is worth 1.25 and upgrade to 10 mil and update them after 8. Repeat and upgrade … keep them happy with nice apartments and services. Pay attention to the traits and have them make date people that give 100 or 250. Also buy a car, yatch and private jet get rid of them after sometime when you dont need them and for travel discounts.

  10. I have found that focusing on building your businesses, doing a bunch of side hustles, as well as buying and renting out a bunch of properties (skyscrapers have been very lucrative at $15m a week for one and I have 10) are the best ways to earn more money.

    I of course am not yet earning in the trillions, quadrillions, quintillions or anything like that just yet but hopefully I should be able to soon.

  11. How do you join a football team? Cause I’m a level nine football player but it’s can’t play in the NFL cause I’m not a team. How do I join your one?

  12. I am currently making 3.84 nonillion a week. I am 28 but my true age is 547. I did this by starting businesses. The game came out today on android and my girlfriend wants to make as much as me but the businesses aren’t on hers since she has an android… are they still there somewhere or does android not include businesses?

    • Go to the bank and see what’s costing you. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see what your expenses are. And with that weekly cash flow, you’ll have to get a job that pays over 2771 per week.

  13. Yay my game glitched! I was doing the young child scenario, and I was in jail when I turned 18. Now at 60 and both of my parents are dead, I’m still in my parents house rent free and eating home cooked meals for free… idk how that works because I’ve been in jail before in other lives when I turned 18 and I still got kicked out of my parents’ house. Plz explain …


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