The Hunter: Call of The Wild is an atmospheric hunting game with an immersive open world and game design that you can experience if you are into hunting. You can also bring a plus one to make the experience more fun, as it features full-fledged multiplayer. And if you are struggling with hunting, you can use different trainers and cheat codes to ease the experience. This guide will share the complete list of The Hunter: Call of The Wild cheats. 

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Complete List of The Hunter: Call of The Wild Cheats

Unlike games like GTA and others, The Hunter: Call of The Wild doesn’t officially offer any cheat codes. But similar to any other title, the community has developed trainers that players can use to enable cheats in The Hunter: Call of The Wild. 

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You can download The Hunter: Call of The Wild trainer from Invictus Orcus / Hog and use the following hotkeys to enable the respective cheats:

  • Num 0 – Unlimited Health
  • Num 1 – Unlimited Ammo
  • Num 2 – No Reload
  • Num 3 – Add 5,000 Money
  • Num 4 – Max Experience Points
  • Num 5 – Add one Skill Point
  • Num 6 – Add one Perk Point
  • Num 7 – 1,00,000 Rifle Points
  • Num 8 – 1,00,000 Handgun Points
  • Num 9 – 1,00,000 Shotgun Points
  • Num (*) – 1,00,000 Bow Points
  • Num (-) – Daytime – One Hour [Reduces the current daytime by an hour]
  • Num (+) – Daytime + One Hour [Increases the present daytime by an hour]
  • Ctrl + Num 0 – Super Speed
  • Ctrl + Num 1 – Animals Stay Spotted
  • Ctrl + Num 2 – Always Relaxed Animals
  • Ctrl + Num 3 – Stop Animals

That is it. That concludes our guide on the full list of The Hunter: Call of The Wild cheats. 

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The Hunter: Call of The Wild is available on PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and PC platforms. 

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The Hunter: Call of The Wild Cheats – Full List


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