The Good Life

In The Good Life, players need to do everything they can to keep Naomi happy and healthy to allow her to investigate the mysteries of Rainy Woods with as little trouble as possible.

Naomi’s investigations will lead her to interact with a variety of individuals who will react differently depending on her affinity with the dog or cat sides and her current Charisma level. Here’s everything you need to know about the stat and how to keep it as high as possible.

What’s Charisma in The Good Life?

Charisma is one of Naomi’s main stats, and it represents her current hygiene level. The fuller the green gauge below the Health gauge is, the cleaner Naomi is, and the lower the prices in shops will be.

Charisma decreases naturally as you travel from one place to another and complete quests, but it is possible to restore it easily by interacting with the Dresser and the Bathroom in Naomi’s house. Usually, one session of beauty care and a shower will be more than enough to restore Charisma to acceptable levels.

If heading back to Naomi’s house is not an option, you can also eat select meals that will prevent the Charisma gauge from decreasing. This is only a temporary solution, however, so you’d better start planning your investigation properly so as to find time to head back home to restore Charisma and get all the sleep Naomi needs to keep going.

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