Traveling around the map in The Good Life can be a little time-consuming, even when transformed into cat form. While using fast travel is definitely an option, you will have to visit Shrines first to do so, so you will be forced to travel on foot to new locations until you find a nearby shrine.

A good way to make traveling around the map faster is by riding sheep. Here’s how to.

How to Ride Sheep in The Good Life

Just like for the cat and dog transformations, the ability to ride sheep has to be unlocked first by making progress in the story. After you have completed the Prologue, you will be able to choose between three different routes. Pick route A, start the An Antique Emblem quest, and head over to Burley’s Farm where you will meet Lonette, who will tell Naomi to head over to a castle near the lake to learn more about the emblem.

At the castle, you will meet Samuel S. Bergman, a butler who will let you in only after you pass three trials. The first trial involves taming and catching a sheep: find one nearby, transform into a dog and start taming it by barking to drop the sheep’s obstinance. Once obstinance has been dropped low enough, the sheep will be highlighted in blue: turn back into human form and interact with it to tame the sheep and ride it.

While you can be more than fine with the starting sheep, from this point onward you can catch other sheep as well. All sheep come with different stats that can be improved by performing certain actions like brushing and riding them, and they can also be sheared for their wool, which can be used to craft a variety of items.

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