The Good Life: How to Cure Sickness

The Good Life

Naomi’s time in Rainy Woods in The Good Life is quite stressful, and players will have to make sure that she is always in tip-top condition to continue her investigation.

No matter how much you take care of her health, however, Naomi will eventually get sick, and you will want to cure her as quickly as possible since sickness brings lowered stats. Here’s how to.

How to Cure Sickness in The Good Life

Naomi can suffer from a variety of sicknesses that will limit her abilities and lower her stats. You will know when Naomi is sick when special icons appear right over on the field, as seen in the image above.

If Naomi gets sick, you will have to treat her as quickly as possible. Rainy Woods doesn’t have a hospital, so you will have to make do with the Veterinary Clinic in town.

Head inside and speak with George Fakhoury at the front desk to take advantage of his services, which include HP Maxer, Cold Treatment, Toothache Treatment, Headache Treatment, Lumbago Treatment, and Alcoholism Treatment. Each treatment costs £100, with the exception of the HP Maxer, which costs £75.

Naomi’s sicknesses can also be treated by using the items that George sells. While these items cost less than the full treatment, they are considerably less effective, so you should only use them while on the field, far from the clinic, or if you are really short on money.

In case you are out of items and need treatment as soon as possible, don’t forget that you can fast travel to your home from anywhere on the map. From here, it’s only a short trip to the Veterinary Clinic, and to a healthy life!

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The Good Life: How to Cure Sickness


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