The Good Life

In The Good Life, Naomi will need to take care of her health, reduce her stress levels and, of course, keep her hunger at bay by eating food while trying to solve the mysteries of Rainy Woods.

Meals can be purchased by some of the shops found in Rainy Woods, but nothing can beat a home-cooked meal. Here’s how to cook and what benefit it brings together with restoring Naomi’s hunger level.

How to Cook in The Good Life

The Good Life

Cooking in The Good Life is quite simple. All you need to do to prepare yourself a meal is interact with the stove in the kitchen and select the recipe you want to make. It is also possible to cook on the field by interacting with the cooking stations found all over the map.

You will also need ingredients to prepare all sorts of meals. They can be found on the field, scavenged in dog form, obtained from hunting animals, or purchased in shops like Fancy & Bunny, the Grocery & Butcher Shop, and others. By eating a meal, not only you will restore Naomi’s hunger levels, but will also restore HP and receive a variety of temporary buffs.

How to Learn New Recipes

At the start of the game, Naomi will not know many recipes, so the food selection will be quite limited. Thankfully, new recipes can be learned easily by purchasing already cooked meals and eating them over and over until the yellow bar on the menu is filled. Eating some meals will not fill this bar, meaning that the recipe cannot be learned, and the only way to enjoy this meal is by purchasing it. Given how many great recipes you can learn, however, you shouldn’t worry too much about not being able to make all types of food yourself in the game: the best meals you can cook come with much better buffs than those of the meals you cannot make yourself!

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