The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s Guide: Tips & Cheats To Gaining Friends Fast

Adam, Barry, and Eric Goldberg need your help to get on the school’s “cool list” in The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s, a new idle clicker game based on the hit comedy TV show! Help the Goldbergs become popular by collecting cool points, getting other friends to help you out, and create awesome hangouts so that every kid in the school will know them!

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In our The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of earning cool points fast. As long as you are upgrading the correct hangouts, you should be able to build your friend pool quickly. Let’s get started with our The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to gaining friends fast!

Making New Friends

To get anywhere on the school’s cool list, you need to know not just the right people… but a LOT of them too! To start off, you will be starting up hangout spots around the school and all over Jenkintown.

When a hangout first starts, it will only have one person in it. When the green meter around the icon fills up all the way, the hangout will generate cool points. Cool points are the main currency in this game, and you will need a lot of it to earn new friends and unlock new hangouts.

To improve the amount of cool points a hangout makes, you need to increase the number of friends that are there. You do this by using your cool points. The more you do this, the more rewards you will earn – see that green bar with the friend icon in it? This is the friend meter, and upgrading the hangout enough until the friend meter will reward you with tapes, a rare currency that you will need a lot of later down the line.

Automating a Hangout

Tired of having to babysit your hangouts? You can automate money collection through the use of specific characters. The first instance of this is Geoff Schwartz, as he will volunteer to collect cool points for you even when you are away from the game.

Automating a hangout is very useful, as you can step away from the game and still earn cool points over time. If you plan to stop playing the game for a while, make sure that you have as many hangouts automated as possible for the maximum amount of cash.

Before you can automate a hangout, you need to ensure that you have the right character and they are the appropriate level. Certain hangouts require characters to be at a high enough level before they can automate. You can level up characters by getting duplicates of their cards.

Completing Goals

Before you can reach the end of episode showdown, you must complete the episode’s goals listed at the top of the screen. Every goal you complete, a green dot will light up, and lighting all the dots will allow you to proceed to the showdown.

An episode’s goals consist of things like collecting tapes, collecting cool points, upgrading characters or hangouts, and so forth. Note that you are not required to complete all of them – if any of your goals is too hard or impossible to complete at the moment, you can forget about it and focus on the others for the time being. You can just wait until the end of the episode to complete any goals that were too hard before.

Upgrading Characters and Hangouts

Whenever you open a card pack, you will receive some tapes plus a bunch of cards for characters or hangouts. When you collect enough duplicate cards of the same character or business, you can upgrade them!

Upgrading a character costs a hefty amount of tapes, but doing so will significantly increase the amount of cool points of the corresponding hangout generates. The automation characters, as mentioned earlier, also need to be a certain level before they can automate certain hangouts.

Upgrading a hangout will increase the amount of cool points it generates and how fast it does it. The key to getting a lot of cool points is to make sure you are upgrading your characters and hangouts evenly!

Getting More Tapes

In order to upgrade anything in this game, you need cassette tapes, because kids just love to watch things! Anyways, you earn tapes whenever you fill up a hangout’s friend meter, complete a goal, or open a card pack from the shop.

You will need a lot of tapes to keep up with the amount of upgrading you will be doing over the course of the game, so make sure to complete as many goals as you can (you need to do this anyways to progress through the episode) and open all of the free card packs you get from the shop.

If you absolutely need to, you can tap on the three main heroes to trade character cards for tapes. If you have excess character cards, you can exchange them for tapes. Most of the time you should not need to do this as the deals are kind of bad, but it can come handy in a pinch.

Before you enter the Showdown

When you complete enough goals, the episode’s conclusion will be ready to play, which is the episode’s “showdown”. In the showdown, you will see the end and play that minigame where you must dodge incoming projectiles.

Before you enter the showdown, you can clean up in your current episode. If you have any left over goals you want to complete, we recommend doing so because they are still worth valuable tapes and card packs. You can also continue to fill up the friend meter for hangouts to get more cards and tapes.

When you play the actual showdown, do your best to dodge as much as you can. Every time you dodge successfully, the meter at the top will fill up. The more you fill it, the more rewards you will get at the end of the showdown.

To make the showdown easier, certain characters will increase your showdown power when leveled up. The higher your showdown power is, the faster the showdown meter will fill up, making it much easier to get the showdown rewards.

Check the Shop for Goodies

Do be sure to drop by the shop every now and then. You can buy character cards for 5 tapes per card, which is a pretty decent price. There are only three character cards at a time, and the cycle out every 10 hours or so. If you are looking to upgrade a character but you are short a few cards, it pays to check out the shop to see if they are selling the character you need.

Also, as we mentioned before, there is a free card pack you can collect from the shop. You can get up to 10 cards and 50 tapes, and you can redeem the pack every couple of minutes or hours, depending on how many times you have already redeemed the pack for the day.

That’s it for our guide on The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s! If you follow all these steps, you should be making tons of friends quickly. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s Guide: Tips & Cheats To Gaining Friends Fast

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