We have not heard from the Angry Birds in a while, and Rovio must be psychic because they read our minds and released a game in response! Get ready for Angry Birds Dream Blast, an all new puzzle experience featuring everyone’s favorite short-tempered birds!

In Angry Birds Dream Blast, players will see the birds take on a new puzzle genre: the free form bubble popper! Dream bubbles of different colors will rain from the sky, and it is up to you to pop them up and make the dream clearer!

The dream bubbles have physics of their own, so they will bounce around like play balls. You can use this to your advantage by matching the bubbles to get them to roll into the ideal spot for maximum coverage!

And of course, since this is a puzzle game, there are power ups for matching multiple dream bubbles at a time. Your favorite Angry Birds heroes will show up to help you out when you make power ups! Popping enough bubbles will make Chuck appear, and he will take out bubbles in four directions.

With new levels being added every Friday, the fun is literally nonstop! Try Angry Birds Dream Blast today for free on the App Store and Google Play Store!


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