You are an amateur kitty cook, and your burger joint has just opened for business. It is your first day, and you are a bit nervous… but all of these customers are just so adorable you can’t help but make the best burgers for them! And you will do just that in Kawaii Kitchen!

Kawaii Kitchen is a super cute and easy to play cooking game where players run their own burger shop. Hungry kitties will come in asking for specific kinds of burgers, so you will be working with a variety of ingredients to make all sorts of burgers!

The more popular your kitchen gets, the more flavors and colors are unlocked. Colors need to match the order, so be sure not to get them mixed up! As you get better at flipping burgers, you will start to incorporate additional flavors, and this is where your true chef skills will be put to the test!

And, do not forget about the drinks! These animal buddies need something tasty to wash down those delicious burgers, so players will even be able to mix their own smoothies and drinks. They look good, don’t they?

Kawaii Kitchen is officially open for business on the App Store and Google Play Store as a free download. Can you resist the cuteness? We know we could not!


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