I am not the biggest fan of adventure games, mostly because that particularly slow gameplay is getting me bored quickly, but I must admit that I completely loved The Walking Dead because of its flawless storytelling and the gritty decisions that I had to make, pressed by time and generally zombies hoping to get a brain feast from me.

A genre was, therefore, established on the market and I am sure we will see a lot more similar games, which are story driven and not puzzle-packed in the future. One of the upcoming titles of this kind is The Color Gray, a sci fi adventure game that reminds us of the classics, but promises to have a lot of what the present offers.


In other words, we’re talking about an adventure game where we will have no puzzles to solve but instead we’ll have to make a decision that will impact the game from that point on. I love this concept, but right now it doesn’t really work as it should: usually, the game follows the same story and different choices only change a few lines of text. If The Color Gray manages to offer more than that with branching paths and an amazing story, then I will be completely pleased.

For now, we only have a trailer to look at and wonder how the final product will actually feel like (you can check out the trailer at the top of the article). We’ll find out more close to the game’s release date, which is sometime in August.



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