A young sorceress has just passed her final exam and she is now an alumni of the school of magic. Seeking more powerful magics, she hears the rumors of a powerful wizard by the name of Alzar. She embarks on her own journey to find him and learn new spells, but nobody knows what the rest of that tale holds…

The Birdcage 2 is a 3D spatial puzzle game that will test your ability to think about puzzles from every angle. As it is a sequel to the original avian puzzler, The Birdcage 2 features the same style of puzzles, but of course there are new twists and surprises in store for die hard puzzle fans.

This time around, the birdcages are locked with magical dark energy, keeping in line with the wizardry theme. Players will need to master the mechanics of each cage in order to free the birds and discover the fate of the curious young sorceress.

Just like the original game, The Birdcage 2 features a beautiful AR mode that lets you bring the birdcages into the real world. You can physically move yourself to get a view of the whole birdcage, and it adds a whole new dimension to the puzzle solving.

A mysterious story, an ambient yet powerful soundtrack, and jaw-dropping visuals await you in The Birdcage 2. Download it now for free on the App Store.


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