The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Weapons Tier List

Kingdom Come: Deliverance weapons
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The 15th-century Bohemia, where Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set, wasn’t the most peaceful of places. If you want to survive in this setting, you will need to know your weapons and know how to use them well, and this game offers loads of options for inflicting violence—all in the spirit of the times.

However, so many choices can overwhelm you, especially if you only want the best for Henry. For that reason, we have created a weapons tier list for all weapon categories in this game. Without further ado, these are the best weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance in descending order.

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Axe Tier List

These are the best axes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance based on their blunt damage stats:

  1. Metal-plated battle axe (plain)—45
  2. Metal-plated battle axe (spiked)—40
  3. Heavy battle axe—36
  4. Axe (war)—34
  5. Broad axe—32
  6. Cuman axe—30
  7. Bardiche—28
  8. Carpenter’s axe—27
  9. Cooper’s axe—25
  10. Woodcutter’s axe—23
  11. Axe (common)—21
  12. Wooden training axe—1

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Bow Tier List

If you prefer to play with a bow, here are all the options arranged by their power in descending order:

  1. Sinew bow—82
  2. Yew longbow—77
  3. Cuman bow (the strongest variant)—74
  4. Ash longbow—74
  5. Elm longbow—72
  6. Yew hunting bow—64
  7. Hazel hunting bow—62
  8. Dogwood hunting bow—59
  9. Ash hunting bow—57
  10. Capon’s hunting bow—54
  11. Villager’s yew bow—47
  12. Villager’s elm bow—44
  13. Villager’s hazel bow—42
  14. Villager’s dogwood bow—39
  15. Adam’s bow—39
  16. Villager’s ash bow—37
  17. Very light bow—29

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Hunting Sword Tier List

The strongest hunting swords in the game, based on the slash damage stats, are:

  1. Cleaver—52
  2. Noble’s hunting sword—43
  3. Falchion—43
  4. Decorated hunting sword—42
  5. Master huntsman’s sword—40
  6. Knight’s hunting sword—40
  7. Hunting sword—38
  8. Seax—33
  9. Butcher’s blade—26

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Longsword Tier List

If you prefer longswords, this list will tell you which ones are the best in terms of the slash damage stats:

  1. Executioner’s sword—79
  2. Herod’s sword—75
  3. St. George’s sword—72
  4. Queen of Sheba’s sword—65
  5. Duellist—62
  6. Tusk—58
  7. St. Michael’s sword—58
  8. Magdeburg sword—57
  9. Soul Slicer—56
  10. Longinus’ sword—55
  11. Saving Grace—52
  12. Assassin—52
  13. Merchant’s sword—49
  14. Fearnot—49
  15. Sir Radzig Kobyla’s sword—45
  16. Robber’s sword—40
  17. Pricker—39
  18. Piercer—39
  19. Thumper—34

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Sabre Tier List

Sabres are more exotic sword options, and here’s how all the variants rank based on their slash damage:

  1. Decorated sabre—58
  2. Rider’s sabre—49
  3. Hungarian sabre—43
  4. Common sabre—42
  5. Nicopolis sabre—30

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Shortsword Tier List

Those who like shortswords will be interested in this list of the strongest variants based on the slash damage stats:

  1. Razor—64
  2. Noble sword—61
  3. Vom Berg sword—56
  4. Coxcomb—55
  5. Robber Baron’s sword—50
  6. Page’s sword—48
  7. Old family heirloom—48
  8. Stinger—47
  9. Stalwart—46
  10. Mercenary’s bedfellow—45
  11. Reliable blade—44
  12. Shard—43
  13. Burgher’s sword—43
  14. Needle—40
  15. Grandad’s old sword—36
  16. Prodder—34
  17. Trusty companion—30
  18. Rusty blade—26
  19. Envoy’s Aide-de-Camp—26

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Mace Tier List

For the fans of blunt damage, here’s the list of the strongest maces in regard to that stat:

  1. Ceremonial mace—61
  2. Bailiff’s mace—61
  3. Heavy war hammer—57
  4. Raven’s Beak—55
  5. Heavy warhammer—54
  6. Bludgeon (variant 2)—54
  7. Captain’s mace—51
  8. Warhammer—47
  9. Spiked warhammer—46
  10. Morgenstern—40
  11. Pernach—39
  12. Mace—37
  13. Spiked club—34
  14. Bludgeon (variant 1)—31

The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Polearm and Spear Tier List

Prefer to stab your enemies? Check out the list of the strongest polearms and spears based on their stab damage stats:

  1. Hunting spear—122
  2. Bohemian earspoon—117
  3. Spear—116
  4. Halberd—100
  5. Italian bill—79
  6. Guisarme—75
  7. Glaive—75
  8. Reforged scythe—70
  9. Bardiche (polearm)—66
  10. Lucerne hammer—58

And that concludes our exhaustive list of all the best weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Keep in mind that these lists may look somewhat different depending on which stat you put as the priority. After all, the best weapon in any game is the one that you’re using the best, so feel free to follow your gut and personal taste as well.

And if you’re lacking money to buy the weapons you want, check out our guide on how to make money fast in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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The Best Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Weapons Tier List


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