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The Best Ragnarok Origin Rune Knight Build and Guide

The Best Ragnarok Origin Rune Knight Build and Guide
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Ragnarok Origin lets you forge your path through the exciting and colorful lands of Midgard. Of the different jobs you can choose, Rune Knight is undoubtedly among the most popular ones. But how does one go about becoming a great Rune Knight?

We have the answer to that question! The following article will present you with the best Ragnarok Origin Rune Knight build and guide. Read on, and you’ll see that creating a powerful Rune Knight character isn’t as complex as it may seem!

Also, if you’re looking to progress toward Rune Knight, read our tier list of classes in Ragnarok Origin to know where you’ll start from!

How to Build a Rune Knight Character in Ragnarok Origin

The design of Rune Knight (male and female) in Ragnarok Origin
Image by Gravity via Ragnarok Wiki

How do you build a good Rune Knight in Ragnarok Origin? Starting from the very beginning, we should talk about the development line for this type. You’ll start from the Swordsman class. Then, you need to progress to Knight and Lord Knight form. After that, you can evolve your character into a Rune Knight.

To become a Rune Knight, you need to pass the specific tests. This is a part of the job change quest that you can get from the Shining Knight in a bar near Prontera Inn. When you complete the trials, you can start working on your Rune Knight build.

Rune Knights are powerful damage dealers, so you’ll want to focus on getting your Strength (STR) and Agility (AGI) up. Another important stat to boost is the Attack Speed. When it comes to specific skills, we’ll do a complete breakdown from Swordsman to Rune Knight skills.

Rune Knight Skill Breakdown

JobSkillRecommended Level
SwordsmanBashAt least 5
Magnum BreakAt least 5
Fatal BlowOptional
Sword MasteryMax
Increase Recuperative PowerMax
ProvokeAt least 5
EndureAt least 5
Lord KnightConcentrationMax
Head CrushMax
Aura BladeMax
Tension RelaxMax
Rune KnightDragon MasteryMax
Dragon Breath (Fire or Water)Max/Near-max
Awaken of Dragon GodMax
Inverse ScaleMax
Enchantment BladeMax
Explosive BladeMax
RunesPreferably all

Note that this skill point distribution is our suggestion to optimize your Rune Knight for damage and effectiveness. Naturally, you’re free to explore other options, i.e., how much to invest into the Riding tree and whether you want to commit to spear specialization.

When it comes to equipment, your choices will be quite broad. For that reason, we don’t want to give you a definitive recommendation here. Instead, we’ll focus on the preferred Enchantment skills. Our ultimate choice here would be Fighting Spirit. When it comes to Cards, we recommend you double down on Attack and Agility, so pick the best available cards that add to those stats.

If you follow these steps, you’ll certainly end up with a formidable Rune Knight build. If you have an alternative strategy—one with different skills or one that doesn’t focus on Attack—let us know in the comments. And for more guides, check out our dedicated Game Guides section!

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The Best Ragnarok Origin Rune Knight Build and Guide