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The Best Mods for Lethal Company

The Best Mods for Lethal Company
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Lethal Company became an indie darling almost overnight, thanks to its easy-to-pickup game play and tendency to create some hilarious scenarios with your friends. Naturally, the game has already spawned a thriving modding community, so here are some of the best mods for Lethal Company.

The Most Popular Mods for Lethal Company

Here are some of the best mods to use for Lethal Company. Installing these mods is simple, just make sure to read each individual mod’s instructions. They usually involve dropping the mod files into the game’s installation directory, but for an even easier time, you can also just use the Thunderstore app for automatic installation, which is where all these mods come from.

More Company

Image via notnotnotswipez

Have ever you completed a salvage trip with three of your friends and thought that the trip would have been even cooler with twenty other players?

More Company is a mod that increases the normal 4 player cap to a whopping 32 players! Obviously, this breaks the balance of the game a bit as you can just throw bodies at the monsters, but it’s an absolute blast if you can manage to get even ten people to join one game. The chaos is doubled, and many laughs are bound to be had.

Since you’ll make so many players running around, you’ll have to divy up the items accordingly. Make sure everyone knows how to use every item in Lethal Company with our handy guide.

On top of upping the player limit, More Company also introduces some fun new cosmetic options for your character. Access the customization screen by clicking the green button on the main menu.

Late Company

Image via anormaltwig

Late Company is a very useful mod that allows hot-joining. Normally in Lethal Company, players can only join multiplayer sessions whenever the ship is in orbit. Once the players land the ship and the action starts, any players who haven’t joined yet will have to wait until the round is over before they can hop in.

With Late Company installed, the host and anyone who has the mod installed can join the game whenever they want. All you need to do is open your Steam friends list and join through that.

More Emotes

Image via Sligili

Lethal Company by default only allows you to point and dance, but what if you want to express yourself in even more ways? That’s where the More Emotes mod comes in, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

With More Emotes installed, you get access to a new emote wheel that has all sorts of funny new emotes, like flipping the bird, twerking, and doing the Griddy.

Note that you can have this mod installed and play with others that don’t have it, but only players who also have it installed can see the new emotes.

More Suits

Image via x753

The More Suits mod adds a bunch of new suits for you to buy and try on. While the mod itself already comes with a bunch of fun new suits, it also supports importing your own designs, and it’s not that complicated to do! With this feature, people are already getting really creative with their suit designs, so why not try your hand at making your own?


Image via Sligili

Don’t like the default, stylized low-resolution look of Lethal Company? HDLethalCompany is a mod that unlocks the game’s advanced graphics settings, meaning you can tweak the internal resolution, anti-aliasing, fog quality, and more. You can make Lethal Company look exactly the way you want it.

Brutal Company

Image via 2018

Brutal Company is a difficulty mod that adds a number of new challenges to the already difficult Lethal Company experience. For starters, there’s a new “heat” mechanic, where repeated visits to the same moons increases the heat level, which increases your chances of dangerous random events occurring.

Speaking of which, there are also new random events that can happen whenever you land on a moon. These range from slightly annoying, such as all items purchased becoming Walkie-Talkies, to downright cruel, like land mines constantly spawn near players, so it adds a whole new layer of difficulty to the game. It’s recommend to tackle this mod with lots of players using the More Company mod!


Image via MikeMediaStudios

If you enjoy Lethal Company but wish you could change some of the mechanics, MikesTweaks is the mod for you. This mod lets you edit a variety of game variables, including item weights, shop prices, inventory slots, player speed and stamina usage, and more!

MikesTweaks is the perfect mod to use if you want to make your salvaging trips a little easier… or harder, if you prefer. For example, you can increase player stamina and speed to make it easier to get away from monsters, or make players slower if you want a more harrowing experience.


Image via Tyzeron

This may be a little game-breaking for some, but the Minimap mod is a welcomed addition for those that are prone to getting lost. This mod adds a minimap to your screen at all times, showcasing nearby threats, scrap, and more.

The minimap is basically a replica of the ship’s on-board monitoring screens, so it shares the same looks and all. The mod is client-side, so it doesn’t matter if other players have it installed as well.


Image via x753

Mimics adds a deadly new monster to Lethal Company. If you couldn’t tell from the name, this mod adds a monster that takes the form of a common object that you see a lot. Though, should you fall for the Mimic’s trap, it’ll make short work of you! Add this mod if you want another threat to deal with.

Those are some of the best mods for Lethal Company. Have a favorite mod that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Lethal Company guides!

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The Best Mods for Lethal Company