The Alchemist Code is a tactical strategy RPG with gorgeous anime-styled cut scenes and 3D models. Command your units to battle using nothing but your skills and wits, and lead them to victory! Heavily inspired by games like Final Fantasy Tactics, The Alchemist Code aims to deliver a full-fledged console experience for the mobile platforms. We’ve got some tips to start you off in our The Alchemist Code cheats and tips.

The Alchemist Code is quite the meaty game so if you’re an RPG or strategy game enthusiast, we highly recommend checking it out! With that said, let’s get started with ourĀ The Alchemist Code cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Use Height to your advantage!

The maps in the The Alchemist Code usually have hills and tops of varying heights. Remember that height is always a factor into combat! Units that are attacking from a height advantage have better hit chances and generally do more damage, while units with the disadvantage will obviously be hit more.

Try to get the higher ground and keep your enemies below you. Certain job classes are great for this, like Hunters who can snipe foes from afar a high perch.

Find new gear!

There’s a multitude of ways to power up your heroes, but the main method is to find them new gear. Each unit has six gear slots for equipment to boost their stats. If you don’t have the item but have the stage where it drops unlocked, a yellow plus mark will show up next to the gear slot.

We recommend going out of your way and completing a unit’s equipment because you’re able to job level up afterwards. Job leveling permanently increases the unit’s stats plus it allows them to learn new abilities. If you ever come across a level you can’t quite finish because your units keep dying, your best bet is to find new gear for them and level up their jobs.

Mix and match different job abilities!

The biggest (and probably most fun!) part of The Alchemist Code is customizing your units. Each unit has five ability slots:

  • The Ability set matching their current job
  • An ability set from a different job they’ve mastered
  • A Reaction ability that activates whenever it meets certain conditions
  • Two Passive abilities that grant stat boosts or new abilities

Even when a unit switches to a new job, they’ll retain all abilities they’ve learned in the past. With this system you can create some really awesome heroes using abilities of your liking. It’s best to max out a job’s ability level to get the most options.

Plan ahead with offensive magic!

Offensive magic spells, like Fire and Blizzard, do not come out the second you cast them. After you select whether or not you’d prefer it to target units or the ground, your mage will need a second turn before the spell actually activates.

Be sure to always keep this in mind so that you can plan ahead and target accordingly, as enemies may move out of range when your second turn comes up. If you turn on auto-play mode, you’ll see that the computer makes this mistake often with your mages.

Complete Dailies!

You’ll need precious gems to pull on the greater summons, so you should try to complete as many Milestones as possible. Milestones are achievements that are fixed – this means you’ll naturally complete them as you progress through the story line. Daily quests however cycle out every day and will do so even if you haven’t completed all of them. Some dailies are worth gems, so be sure to prioritize those first.

That’s all for The Alchemist Code! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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