Disney is launching a new cartoon this month on Disney XD called “The 7D”. It follows the wacky adventures of the seven dwarves, and with the Mine Train you get to join in on the fun! Guide your favorite dwarf through the perilous jewel mine while grabbing all of the shiny gems along the way. With help from The 7D Mine Train cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide, you’ll be swimming in a sea of gems in no time!

It’s time to launch into this high speed hilarious adventure with the seven dwarves, so now we’re going to share some 7D Mine Train cheats, tips, and tricks to help you earn tons of gems!

Find your favorite dwarf!

At the time of writing this article, there are only three dwarves available for selection currently: Sleepy, Sneezy, and Happy. The next dwarf will unlock on June 26th. Each dwarf has their own special ability that can really help you out!

  • Sleepy‘s ability gives him the power to sleepwalk, where he will gently breeze through the air. You can tap as many times as you want to make him do a really floaty jump. Use this for hard to reach gems or if you’re about to fall off the track!
  • Sneezy‘s ability lets him execute a powerful sneeze that will give him a quick burst of speed. Use this when you want to go fast, but you can also use it midair to recover from a nasty jump that would have otherwise doomed you!
  • Happy‘s ability is playing his cart piano! During his performance gems are attracted to him and will automatically gravitate towards him. Use this is as often as you can to make sure you don’t miss any gems.

All three dwarves’ abilities are useful but I think the most useful one – at least for collecting gems – is Happy’s.

Complete the missions!

The missions are worth a lot of gems, so be sure to check and complete them as you play. For example, the very first one that requires to collect a certain amount of gems nets you 800 gems! So, don’t ignore them.

Maintain a fast speed!

When you reach a certain speed, your dwarf’s mine cart will gain a white glow and they’ll leave behind a trail. You’re going to want to stay in this state as long as possible, because you have a couple of bonuses when you’re going fast.

  • Enemies are automatically defeated when you crash into them, saving you the trouble of jumping on them and losing speed.
  • Spike bumps are destroyed too!
  • Chests are automatically opened. Normally you have to jump on chests to open them, but if you’re going fast enough they’ll open up when you bump into them! Be careful though, as bumping into chests at a slow speed will simply knock the chest off the track, so don’t let that happen!

Basically you want go fast most of the time, so be sure to position your cart appropriately. Jump over small bumps, avoid going uphill, and stay on downhill slopes as long as you can to build momentum. Bounce off of chests and enemies to maintain speed.

Keep a second dwarf with you at all times!

If you’re controlling only one dwarf, sometimes a second dwarf with appear somewhere on the track. Make sure to grab them, as they act as an extra life. If your current dwarf crashes or falls off the track, you will automatically switch to the secondary dwarf. This can be a life saver, so be on the lookout for more dwarves.

Buy some gadgets and powerups!

In the shop you can buy some gadgets that will give your mine cart additional abilities. The ones I recommend are:

  • Landing Boost – This gadget gives you a speed boost if you stay in the air long enough.
  • Steam Engine – When traveling uphill, you gain a speed boost.
  • Double Jump – Does exactly what it says!
  • Jewel Stick – This acts like a mini version of Happy’s ability. It’ll grab slightly out of reach gems for you.

Generally though all of the gadgets are useful in some way, so feel free to experiment and find out which one works best for you. The other section of the shop sells consumable one time use power ups.

  • Extra Life – Grants you a second chance if you mess up.
  • Double Gems – Gives you double gems!
  • Gloom Repellent – Automatically destroys all enemies.
  • Chest Opener – Automatically opens chests as you approach them.
  • Head Start – Gives you a boost at the start of the game.

The only one I can recommend is Double Gems, as everything else isn’t really too useful.

Grab the diamonds!

Occasionally a blue diamond with a white trail will spawn above the track. Try your best to grab it because they’re worth a sweet 30 gems!

That’s about it for now. More dwarves are on the way so check back to see which one you’ll be able to play with next. Got any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below! For now, get to the mines and grab all the gems!

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