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Terraria’s Tally Counter is an accessory to help players keep track of how many enemies of a certain type have been killed. When first equipped the Tally Counter will display ‘Kill Count Unavailable’ beneath where the map and health is displayed but once the player eliminated an enemy the counter will display how many times that type of creature has been killed. When a different enemy is killed by the player, the counter will display the kill count for that type, and so on. The kill count includes all kills of all time, not just since the counter was installed.

How to Get the Tally Counter

It is not easy to obtain the Tally Counter as there is only a 1% chance that your enemy will drop it once you have defeated them- and it only spawns from 3 types of creature in the Dungeon:

  • Angry Bones
  • Cursed Skulls
  • Dark Casters

Dungeons always spawn on the far left or the far right of the map and is recognisable by the brick-like structure sticking out of the ground on surface level. Always be prepared while exploring the Dungeon as there are many things down there that can kill you- including the Dungeon Guardian who can kill you in basically one hit. To make it easier to explore the Dungeon try going at night, and visit The Old Man at the entrance first. This will summon the Skeletron boss, and once he is defeated you can explore the Dungeon far easier.

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The Tally Counter, although quite hard to find, is pretty useful. Not only does it keep track of the kills, it is also one of three components making up the R.E.K. 3000, along with the Lifeform Analyzer and Radar. The R.E.K. 3000 combines information about Rare creatures nearby, Enemies nearby, and Kill count. The R.E.K. 3000 is also a part of the ingredients list to create a PDA which in turn can help create a Cell Phone in Terraria, so finding a Tally Counter may be of some real use to you.

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