Terra Battle, the excellent role playing game developed by Mistwalker, is going to receive a new update soon, an update which will include an online multiplayer mode.

Mistwalker confirmed that players will be able to play with friends online in the game’s co-op mode, which will allow them to complete a stage together as well as take on Story mode and co-op dungeons. While playing co-op, the player who’s not playing a turn has the chance to fill their Summon gauge by tapping the screen, with the summoned monster getting activated on the next turn. These monsters can also be powered up with special items.


The next Terra Battle update is also going to include more content like new adventurers created by Kimihiko Fujisaka and more. No details are available on these new characters at the moment but more will surely be coming in soon.

Terra Battle is now available for download for free on the App Store. Despite the free to play mechanics sometimes getting in the way, Terra Battle is an excellent role playing game that no true fan of the genre should pass on. With more content on the way, there’s really no better time to start playing Mistwalker’s RPG than now.




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