Enter the world of Terra Battle, where a single lone encounter will kick the gears of fate into motion. Terra Battle is a hybrid puzzle/RPG game created by renowned video game director Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the legendary Final Fantasy series. We’re here to help you on your journey with our Terra Battle cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Terra Battle is an expansive game, and there is a lot to get through, so hang in there while we explain the best Terra Battle tips and tricks!


1. Positioning is the name of the game here (not literally)!

After playing through the tutorial, you should have a grasp on the main battle mechanics. One important thing to keep in mind is that positioning your characters works just like it does in almost every other puzzle matching game: when you pick up your character you have a limited amount of time to put them in a new spot. During this time, if you move the character past any other character on the field, they will move one space in opposite direction of your held character. This is crucial to keep in mind, as you can pull off big chains in one turn by taking advantage of this mechanic.

2. Remember the rock-paper-scissors cycle!

There are two trees for exploiting weaknesses: physical and elemental.

  • Physical: swords beat bows, bows beat spears, and spears beat swords.
  • Elemental types work a little differently. Fire and ice beat each other out, same with lighting and darkness.

You can tell a character’s physical type by the weapon icon at the top right corner of their box. Their elemental type is in the bottom right corner; red for fire, blue for ice, yellow for lightning, purple for darkness. It goes without saying but you do more damage when you exploit weaknesses, so pay attention to types! If you hit both weaknesses on an enemy, you can do some crazy damage!

3. Fight in the Metal Zone for huge experience!

The Metal Zone, which can be found in the Special section of the Arena, is home to metal-type monsters. Defeating these guys nets you a big amount of experience, great for leveling your characters. The catch is that these guys are kind of squirrelly; they will spend most of the battle scurrying around the field. If you take too long to defeat them, they’ll run away! Try to lock them in a corner or with your own characters and beat ’em up as fast as you can. The Metal Zone is only open during certain times, so check back frequently to not miss it!

4. Stay at the bottom to have the upper hand!

During the first couple battles, a good strategy to employ is to keep your characters on the bottom most row. Let the enemies come to you, then send out whichever character beats their type. If done right, a pincer attack that chains all of your bottom characters should happen, and you’ll do a lot of damage! This is great early on, but becomes less effective as you progress. Be warned that some enemy skills can move your characters around, and also you can get blocked in if there are six enemies on the field with you!

5. Chain your healer as much as you can!

The mage-type character you get at the beginning of the game is a healer. His chain skill heals, and it has a very high chance of activating when he’s chained. Mastering how to use his heal is key to progressing, as the battles start to get harder as early as chapter two! His heal targets all allies who are also chained with the pincer attackers. The heal will travel through allies but not through enemies, meaning the character who is a part of the pincer attack on the opposite side will not receive the heal. Remembering how your healer works is very important!

Terra Battle is a deep game, and these tips should set you off to a good start. Remember: controlling the battlefield is the key to victory! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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