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TEPPEN Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Win Your Battles

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

One of the biggest Capcom crossover events is here! TEPPEN is an all new collectible card game featuring some of Capcom’s biggest heroes and villians, including characters from Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and more! As you can expect from a Capcom game, Teppen is full of intricate systems and mechanics, and we are going to do our best to help you get started in this massive CCG.

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With the help of our TEPPEN cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to win your battles, you should be able to get started with mastering your own creative decks!

Play through the Hero Stories!

Before you step into the multiplayer arena to partake in some fierce PvP action, you should take a moment to finish the Hero Stories. Like the Ryu tutorial you had to go through at the beginning the of the game, the Hero Stories focus on one hero in particular. You play through three battles with them, and you unlock them permanently for use. You can create a new deck with them!

Complete list of heroes!

Here is a complete list of all the playable heroes for your reference, complete with their Hero Arts in the order they obtain them.

  • Ryu
    • Shinku Hadoken: Deals 7 damage to a targeted enemy unit.
    • Denjin Renki: Adds +2 damage to friendly units in your hand and EX Pocket.
    • Metsu Shoryuken: Gives the Combo status to a friendly unit.
  • Rathalos
    • Dive Attack: +2 attack to all friendly units.
    • Wrath Awoken: Gives the Flight status and +? attack to a friendly unit. The amount of attack given is based on the number of times the unit’s attack was boosted with Action Cards.
    • Blazing Wall: +2 HP and grants the Shield status to a friendly unit.
  • X
    • Heart Tank: +7 HP to a friendly unit.
    • Charge Shot: Gives the “When HP is boosted: Gain +1 Attack” status to all friendly units.
    • Gaea Armor: Gives the Veil status to all friendly units.
  • Chun-Li
    • Kikosho: Gives the Shield status to all friendly units.
    • Hyakuretsukyaku: +1 attack and the Heavy Pierce status to a friendly unit.
    • Yawn: MP +4 when leaving the field.
  • Morrigan Aensland
    • Temptation: All enemies are Halted for 13 seconds.
    • Darkness Illusion: Any enemy with the Halt status is immediately destroyed.
    • Shadow Blade: 4 damage to all enemy units. Friendly units with the Flight status will heal your hero after dealing 6 damage.
  • Dante
    • Quicksilver: All enemies are inflicted with Slow and Counterbind.
    • Ebony & Ivory: All friendly units can trigger Resonate twice.
    • Devil Trigger: Hero Invincibility for 10 seconds.
  • Albert Wesker
    • Dark Destruction: Destroy a 5MP or less enemy unit.
    • Uroboros: Summons the highest MP unit in your graveyard.
    • Bringer of Nightmares: Adds a unit with the Revenge status to the EX Pocket.
  • Nergigante
    • Spike Divebomb: Gives +4/+4 and self-destruct on attack to a friendly unit.
    • Spike Launch: Split damage equal to sacrificed life points to all enemy units.
    • Change Form: If Hero HP is less than 15, units in hand and EX Pocket gain +2/+2.

Beware of the Flight status!

There are certain unit cards that have the Flight status when played. The Flight status allows these units to attack heroes directly, even if there is an enemy unit in their lane (unless the enemy also has Flight). If left unchecked, Flight units can really do a number on your HP so it is best to watch for that winged icon that denotes the Flight status. Take them out as soon as you can!

Active Response lets you save potentially bad situations!

When Active Response occurs, it is best to be prepared. Know what action cards you have in your hand before it happens, and try to figure out how they can save you. Remember that when Active Response finishes, the cards play out in the order they were played, so you can potentially save one of your unit cards if they are getting targeted by a lot of action cards.

Be wary of colors when deck building!

You may have noticed that heroes and unit cards have certain colored icons attached to them. Take note of these colors, as they will influence your deck building. When you are adding cards to a new deck, but if you add cards in that do not match your hero’s color, your maximum MP will be cut in half.

Say for example you use a Ryu deck that has green cards in it – your maximum MP will be 5. If you include an additional color, like a Ryu deck that has red, green, and purple cards in it, your MP will drop to a staggering low 3 MP. Keep this in mind if you have expensive units in your deck, as you will not be able to use them if you are using multiple colors!

Need more cards?

If you are looking to expand your card library, just hit up the in-game shop. You can spend zenny or CORE tickets to get new card packs. Whenever you buy a CORE pack, you will fill up a legendary meter, and once it is filled all the way you are guaranteed a legendary on your next pack! However, if you pull a legendary at any point before the meter is filled, it will reset back to zero.

So, if you are looking to get more cards, you are going to need a lot of currency. Here are a couple of ways to earn more.

  • The single player “Chronicles” mode has you fight against CPU opponents using a pre-made deck for you. Each one of these challenges rewards you a CORE ticket upon completion, and there are five tiers of difficulty.
  • Completing Missions, especially the daily ones, will reward you with varying amounts of zenny.
  • If you have bought the season pass, you can even complete missions to earn jewels as rewards, the premium currency of the game.

Deck combos!

As with any other collectible card game, the amount of card combos in Teppen are endless, and the only limit is your card library. To start out, we have a couple of idea for potential deck combos.

  • Build a deck around units with the Resonate ability. Resonate triggers whenever an action card is used, and each unit has their own unique Resonate effect. Fill a deck with a lot of action cards if you want to fully utilize Resonate units.
  • Build a shielding/healing deck to take more punishment than your opponent can dish out. A lot of green colored cards have shielding and healing effects if you want to start there.
  • Build a deck with a lot of attack buffing. A good chunk of red colored cards can buff other cards on the field, and enough of these can make them all hit really hard.
  • You can try to overwhelm your opponent by using a lot of unit cards that have the Rush status, which makes them attack much faster than other cards. Pair this with low cost units for even greater effect!

Of course, those are only a jumping points, so feel free to experiment with your favorite heroes and units!

With these tips, you should be able to get a good handle of Teppen’s intricacies and be able to hold your own in the coliseum! We are sure you have plenty of decks and strategies, so be sure to share them below in the comments!

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