Tennis Manager 2020 Guide: Tips to Become the Best

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In today’s article we are going to take a look at all of the Tennis Manager 2020 tips and cheats that we have discovered so far and share them with you, so that you can become the best tennis manager!

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Managing a team never comes easy – but if you are familiar with this type of games (for instance Football Manager) then you probably know that they come with advantages and disadvantages! And if you are good at making decisions, then you’ll definitely see the fruit of your labor become amazing in this game!

But enough with the introductions – you came here to learn all the Tennis Manager 2020 tips and tricks that we have so far, and that’s exactly what we are going to do! So let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

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Pick a good starting player

At the very beginning you will be shown four players with different stats. You can choose whether you want it to be a guy or a girl, and depending on their stats you can choose a player which is strong offensively, or has other attributes.

I would suggest that you refresh a couple of times until you find one which really shines through and you see potential in them. These are the potentials that a player can have:

– Defensive Baseliner: has a consistent defense, has a great court coverage and knows how to manage the stamina (resistance) as well as mental and move.

– Power Player: is a player who dictates the pace of the game and likes to be in control. Usually relies on strength and tries to force opponents to move from one side of the court to the other, exhausting them.

– Counter-Puncher: this player has the ability to constantly change the pace of the game and annoy the opponent, especially if it is a Power Player (who likes to dictate the game). They play consistently and are able to turn defense into offense.

– All Court Player: this is basically an all-rounder. This player has good offense, good defense and uses the shots to exploit the opponent’s weakness.

– Serve & Volleyer: this player likes to attack the net coming in behind the serve on the second serve return, and in the rally whenever there is a chance. Usually hits volleys and puts pressure on the opponent.

I would suggest that as a first player you either go for a Power Player or a Serve & Volleyer because in my opinion these are the best suited as starters. Well, all of them can really be good once you train them a bit, so if you don’t like any of these choices, then choose one which you find good and work to improve their other stats!

Connect with Facebook for extra Coins

If you have a Facebook account, then you should definitely connect the game to it because it will reward you with an extra 30 Coins! That is something totally free, and by connecting the game you also get to save your progress all the time – so try to do it!

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Choose your first sponsors well

Whenever you are getting a new sponsor you should be prepared to sign with one which gives you some good benefits – they have limited time contracts, and for that you should make sure that you get the most out of this time.

Each sponsor will give you a signing bonus, which is the money you get as soon as you’ve signed. Apart from that, they will give you bonuses like “end of tournament bonus” and “tournament victory bonus”, so try thinking what are you mostly qualified to gain.

For example there might be a sponsor which gives you a big signing bonus, but the rest of the bonuses are not really much. Then there will be sponsors which give you a ton of money for winning a tournament, but if you don’t have a good player who is able to win, then you won’t really do much with that.

So now depending on the situation, if you have a good player and you’re confident that you will win a lot, then go for the big tournament victory bonuses – else, try to go for end of tournament bonus or even a big signing bonus!

Upgrade the Academy

In the Academy you will have buildings which are dedicated to helping your players improve. There you can upgrade all of the buildings by using the money you get from sponsorships and tournament wins, so try to always have a building upgrading.

You can always have only one building currently upgrading (working on), and I suggest that you start somewhere because eventually you will have to do all of them.

Business & Medias

This is where you will be able to get sponsors – by upgrading this you will unlock more sponsor slots and the more and better upgrades you make, the better sponsors will come through with their offers.

Youth Camp

You will be able to recruit more players to train and let them play for you. The condition for opening this is to reach level 8+ as a coach (account level) and once you did that, you can start building and upgrading the Youth Camp.

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Training Center

This is where you will recruit various staff members which will boost the quality of your training. There will be a staff member for each type of training, from mental training to physical training, and you should always try to recruit the best.

You can check out the quality of the staff members that apply every week, and if you see something that is better than what you currently have, then make sure you recruit them!

Medical Center

Here you will be able to recruit staff members which improve the quality of your healing sessions. The more you upgrade the Medical Center, the better healers you will be able to recruit. This is super important in between games especially, so try to not neglect it.

Complete your Goals and Achievements

In the bottom right side of the screen you can see the Goals button which will give you a list of daily goals that you can try to achieve. The tasks listed here will each give you rewards so try to complete as many as you can every day if you want to improve a lot.

The Achievements are slightly harder to complete because they are tasks which require more investment – try to give them a quick read and whenever you have the chance to complete one, do what is needed to complete it.

Watch an ad to earn free Tokens

Whenever you are short a couple of Coins / Tokens then you can choose to watch an advertisement to get 3 Tokens for free. I suggest that you do this every single day when you have some time to spare, because the Tokens will keep adding up and you will be able to buy some good customizations for your trainee, or even hire some better staff!

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Get to know your Instructions and upgrade them

Now the game is indeed a “managing” game, but you will play a pretty important role during the active matches too. That is, because you can give your players instructions which they will follow and hopefully win the games.

You will unlock various Instructions which you can use by tapping on the human figure on the right side when you are playing a game in the Tournament. You can only choose up to 4 of them though, so depending on the opponent you should try to pick the rigt ones.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you need to use them at the right time. Each of them has a certain effect, and you can try to use them randomly whenever they become available, but it might not always work. Try to counter the opponents with them instead or use them to get a head start.

Upgrade the Instructions

All of the Instructions can be upgraded to give better effects, so I suggest that whenever you get points, you spend them for upgrading these starting with your most used one. That, or you can start upgrading them equally which is also good for when you swap between them a lot.

Adjust the game plan to counter the opponent

During each game you will see a planning chart in the bottom right side of the screen. There you can set up the strategy you want the player to approach in order to easily deal with the opponent. You should always keep track of their stamina and mentality, because these will get affected depending on the strategies you take on.

Also, make sure that you always try out different ones and use the Instructions to help too when they become available because it will make a huge difference, especially during the finals.

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Know when not to skip a game

When you play in various tournaments you can choose from the bottom right side to skip watching it, and just see the results pretty much. That works if you are just playing them casually and don’t care much if you win or lose in the first rounds.

However, I would suggest that even if you do that, and you end up in the Finals, that you should not skip it. Instead go watch the player and coach it because it will have the potential to change a game in your favor quickly.

These would be all of our Tennis Manager 2020 tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies to get better at managing your Tennis players? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Tennis Manager 2020 Guide: Tips to Become the Best

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