In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Tennis Clash tips and cheats that we have gathered so far and share them with you so that you can become a better tennis player and win more games!

In this game you are tasked to play various tennis tournaments and you will have to do everything right, from serving to passing and so on. So if you are a big time tennis fan, then this game will definitely get you hooked because it’s fun, it’s entertaining and it even more than that – it has the complete recipe for success – plenty of characters!

But enough praising the game for now – you came here to learn all the Tennis Clash tips and tricks so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them right here below!

Stay within the limits!

On the field you should always try to serve and do everything within the limits. This is why it’s important to practice your long shots and your short ones too at start, so that you will know when you are doing Outs or Fouls.

Try to never shoot too long or too short, because if you shoot too long, it might turn into an Out very easily (if you aren’t paying attention) and if you are shooting too short, it might end in the net which will result in a point for the opponent.

So always try to stay within the limits and not to go overboard because it could lose you the game in an instant!

Practice makes perfect

You should try to practice every more and every shot in the Practice field because if you want to learn how to properly win the games, you need a lot of practice! Simply tap on the Play button and there you can find the very first option, the Practice field.

Head on there and start practicing every single shot that you can imagine. Try to picture if the ball will be within the limits or if it will end in an Out. Practice for at least 10 minutes so you can get the hang of it and understand the physics pretty much.

So if you started playing in the normal tournament games, then I suggest that you stop while you are ahead and go practice a little more. During your practice try and perform various moves such as moving the ball from one part of the field to the other to exhaust the opponent.

Watch an ad to receive free coins!

You will see a small icon on the left side of the screen which will open an ad and reward you with several coins when you finished watching that ad! I suggest that if you are running low on Coins (which might happen especially if you started making upgrades) you should definitely watch this if you don’t mind the ads because it will come in handy and you won’t have to spend your Gems to make upgrades!

Check the Shop for daily offers!

In the Shop tab you can find 3 cards which will appear and change every single day. Those can be bought with Gems and they can be pretty much anything, from food to characters and various other equipment.

Check this often and make sure that you save some Gems to purchase them in case there is something that caught your eye. Check these offers every single day because there might be something good coming, such as a very good character, and you will want to purchase that!

Start unlocking your Bags

After you win a game you will receive a random bag which will contain various goods. There are bags which don’t take a lot of time to open, but they also do not contain such amazing goods, whereas there are other Bags which can take up to 8 hours to open and they will contain some better loot!

You will only have 4 slots for Bags, and I suggest that you start unlocking them immediately! Start wit the bags which take the least time to get them out of the way – afterwards, those will free up some slots so that you can receive other bags!

Whatever you do – just keep in mind to always have a bag opening at all times because if you don’t it’s time wasted!

My tip here: In my opinion the best way to unlock the bags for free is to manage them the right way – while you are in game, you should start unlocking the bags which take the least time, and then when you go offline, depending on how much time you will not be in the game, you should start opening either a 3h Bag or even a 8h Bag (for example open the 8h Bag before you go to sleep so that when you’re up you can claim and open it).

Move backwards to intercept strong serves

After serving your ball, and even after hitting it, all that you should focus on is moving backwards and positioning yourself in the middle – back part of the field. This will help you move quicker to any position no matter where your opponent will send the ball.

Trust me – this is super important, because if you spend all of your time on one side of the field, then if your opponent sends the ball in the other side opposed to you, you will most likely miss it and not reach it in time which will result in point for the opponent.

So always remember to position yourself back in the middle – back side of the field because it will make things a lot easier for you!

Collect Points to open the Points Bag

Once you have collected 40 Points you can start working towards opening the Points Bag. This will give you plenty of good rewards and it’s a free bag, so it’s definitely something to get excited about because you don’t have to wait time to open this one! So try to play and collect plenty of Points because a bag which you can open instantly will definitely come in handy.

Also, keep in mind that you can only open this instant Bag once per day, so it’s always good to play every day enough games to collect 40 Points and open this, then you can go about your day.

Open your free Bag

Every day you will be able to open a few Free Bags which you can find in the upper left side of the screen, right next to the Points Bag. Those Free Bags can be opened once every few hours, so keep an eye on their timer and whenever they are available, claim them because they will give you Coins, Gems and plenty other goods.

Equip better stuff

In the Lineup tab you will be able to select the character that you want to play with and also select the various other stuff which you can equip, as follows:

– Racket

– Grip

– Shoes

– Wristband

– Nutrition

– Workout

– Strings

– Character

All of the items starting with Racket and all the way to Workout will determine your overall stats, such as Stamina, Agility, Serve, Volley, Forehand and Backhand. Those are all important stats, which will determine your character’s overall Power.

The Strings are something like a Power Boost, and they come in limited numbers and can be bought using Gems. So keep in mind that when you use one type of string, you will reduce 1 of that string number from your inventory. (so be careful in which games you use your best strings)

The Characters are also different, but that’s a subject for another topic! They each have different stats and specializations, but they will require just as much investment!

Upgrade your equipment and equip the best ones

Whenever you receive a Card with a certain equipment, you should make sure that you equip the best stuff at all times. The equipment has various stats and if you want to get better Agility for example, you should be looking to equip items which give you more Agility.

Either way, the more cards you receive from Bags with duplicate equipment items you will be able to make upgrades. The upgrades will give you more and better stats and remember to always make sure that you upgrade the equipment that you use the most firstly!

The order in which you make upgrades is also important because you might run out of Coins before you can upgrade everything, so try to prioritize the gears which give you the best stats first, and only those which you will use for a long time. So don’t bother investing in the starter and beginner gears because they are a waste of Coins.

Play to get more Trophies

As you play and win more games, you will also receive more Trophies! Trophies are useful because the more you have, the more tournaments you will be able to unlock – so for example if you have only 20 Trophies, you cannot access the Rio Tour which gives you 3000 Coins as prize (because you need 60 Trophies for that).

So try to play more, win more, and take part in bigger and better tournaments so you can win more Coins!

Also, make sure you check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Tennis Clash tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Share them with us and the rest of the players down in the comments section below!

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  1. So this game has me wanting to throw my phone at the wall
    For some reason there are many things fixed in the game to frustrate the player
    1. when the game decides your going to loose you will loose and like wise it gives you a taste if winning Then all of a sudden you cant win for shit
    2. The cards you set up for most of your players, it’s as if the game knows this and makes sure you don’t receive them in bags you win
    3. I’ve had 53 agility opponents had 36 and I’ve got long reach and I can’t keep up with the cross courts rallies
    4. Playing a volley player (all cool) however they have normal string and Im hitting with a 44 forehand and the game just pauses for them to hit when I play my volley player every f##ker pass me

  2. Yes c Black this is so true, it is unbelievable the devious way they have programmed the game.
    I’ve sent beautiful lobs straight over an opponent who was anchored right at the net then next instant he is magically at the baseline smashing your ball for a winner.

    The game sets you up to make you progress then will decide that you are going to lose, you can be up 6-1 even and suddenly everything you hit goes into the net or wide. They do this to make you hungry to upgrade and part with more of your money to do so.
    ant be beaten
    At certain times of the day or night you will only play players with Russian names, they will have very low listed abilities however they can be beaten, sometimes they will win with short lollipop balls. I wonder if they are bots to do the job of bringing your ranking down.

    If this game could be freed of this crap it would be so much better.


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