The stormy seas await, and a pirate’s life is your calling! Tempest is an award winning PC pirate action RPG that was originally on Steam. Now on mobile for the first time, players get to sail the seven seas in search of mighty treasure and fearsome foes – you might even come face to face with legendary sea monsters! Our Tempest cheats and tips will show you how to get started in the beginning area!

Tempest is fun adventure game that really makes you feel like a pirate. We love the addition of the sea creatures, personally. Everything else is just the icing on the cake, but enough of that – let’s get started with our Tempest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Make sure your crew is fully stocked!

You can access you team loadout at any time by tapping on the button with all of the crew members on it at the bottom of the screen. Your ship is separated into three different tiers: the mast, the top deck, and the gun deck.

You will notice that there are spots for five different units on each tier, and the farther you go to the right, the better the units are.

Before you head out into open waters, it is best to make sure that every spot on your crew list is filled. Obviously you will not be able to fill in the higher tier slots, but you can at least have greenhands. Greenhands, when they get enough combat experience, can be promoted to the next tier, assuming they survive until then.

When you have all three tiers fully stationed, your ship is running at 100% efficiency. This is why it is important to keep your crew healthy!

Outmaneuver your enemies!

When partaking in a naval battle, you can at all times see the exact locations of your enemies’ range. If you can manage it, try to stay in your opponent’s blind zones while keeping them in your sights.

It sounds simple, but it is actually a bit tricky to pull off since the winds are constantly changing and you will be thrown off course sometimes. But, you can get through most fights unscratched if you can master this technique!

Sometimes you will deal with… less conventional enemies, and we are talking about the sea monsters! These guys are much trickier to deal with, as they will pop in and out of view as often as they want.

However, right before they are about to strike, you will see a red indicator zone just like a normal attack, so get ready to dodge!

Be sure to pick up new rumors and requests!

Whenever you stop by a new a port, you can take a look at the message board. If you see a big message icon show up, that means there is a new request waiting for you. You can pick up new quests and hear new rumors about points of interest, but this is the main method of finding new things to do.

Completing lots of quests will reward you with precious gold, supplies, and also increase your faction reputation.

Keep an eye on your supplies!

When you are sailing away from a big battle, your ship probably is not in the best shape. You can repair your ship at any friendly port for a small gold fee. Be sure to also stock up on supplies like cannonballs and the like – you do not want to run out of ammunition during a fire fight! You can also sell items if you so wish, like treasure that you cannot use during combat.

Look out for floating debris!

When you are sailing around the ocean, keep an eye out for floating debris. If you see boxes with a sparkly glow, that means you can actually recover the debris. It is usually some random low amount of gold and other supplies, but sometimes you can make bank and find boxes worth of 300 gold or more!

Also, when you destroy an enemy ship, you do not need to immediately go over to their wreckage to collect the debris. You can simply wait until the fight is over, and then you can hit a shortcut button to collect all nearby loot.

That’s all for Tempest! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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