Tekken is going mobile! The popular fighting game franchise finally moves to Android and iOS devices, as Bandai Namco announced recently. We have all the details available at the moment about the game, plus a link to pre-register for some amazing in-game rewards when it hits the virtual stores with its global launch.

Tekken is already available in soft launch mode in Canada – so, even though no exact release date has been mentioned, we know that the game is already in a playable form, so we shouldn’t have to wait for long before getting a chance to play it.

So what is Tekken Mobile all about?

Well, according to the first set of details released to the public, the fighting game will challenge players to collect over 100 characters with unique fighting styles, upgrades and unlock unique special moves for each fighter, all while battling other players worldwide or in the story mode.

A brand new character – the Revenant – was specifically created for the mobile version of the game and he’s the bad guy you’ll have to defeat in the campaign.

But you can also go head to head against other players to test your skills in online modes, create teams of 3 fighters to pit against opponents and, well, polish your fighting skills to become the best during the Live Events that will regularly take place in the game.

Judging from the information we have and the gameplay trailer that you can see (as well as the screenshots), Tekken Mobile will look absolutely amazing. Hopefully the gameplay will be perfectly adapted to mobile – this is something that can break or make a game like this one.

You can also pre-register right now on the game’s official website: doing so will guarantee some amazing rewards. The actual rewards will be decided by the number of players who will pre-register, so make sure that you let all your friends know about this. Because if the number reaches the maximum level, we’ll all unlock a brand new in-game character created exclusively for the mobile version of the game.

Tekken Mobile also seems to be a really resource-demanding title. According to the original details, iPhone 6 devices and lower, as well as Android devices with less than 1 GB of RAM are not supported.


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