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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Beat Moragia in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom: How to Beat Moragia in TotK
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When Moragia appeared from the crater of the Death Mountain and after the cutscene with Yunobo, we felt chills running down our spines. Huge doesn’t even begin to describe this boss (or should we say—three bosses), and it doesn’t give you enough time to think about the best approach as it starts shooting lava projectiles at you right away.

Therefore, let’s disregard our first few failed attempts to find a way to go up there and fight Moragia because we completely oversaw the solution right in front of our eyes (yes, embarrassing, we know). But, hey, we make mistakes so that you don’t have to. This Tears of the Kingdom guide will show you how to beat Moragia without any embarrassment and with maximum efficiency.

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How to Beat Moragia in Tears of the Kingdom

Moragia fight in Tears of the Kingdom
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To beat Moragia in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to get close to it, which means flying up there. As soon as the cutscene ends, head forward and look a bit to your right to find a flying vehicle, the Zonai Wing. Use your Ultrahand power to pick it up, rotate it, and place it on the platform facing away from the mountain.

You can fly the Zonai Wing without spending your stamina, which is great, but the weapon for defeating Moragia is actually Yunobo, who will jump on board and turn into a rotating projectile that you can aim and shoot at Moragia by hitting A.

Just keep heading up, approach one of Moragia’s heads, aim, and shoot Yunobo at it to destroy it. Luckily, this is a one-shot-one-kill type of situation—you just need to evade lava attacks. When Yunobo hits one of the heads, it will collapse, and you will see one third of the boss’ health bar go down.

Don’t worry if you miss—you just have to wait a bit before Yunobo reappears, and you can try again. Do this three times on all three Moragia’s heads, and you will be done with this boss in no time. Turns out it’s not that difficult to defeat it after all!

We wish you all the luck in beating Moragia on the first try! If you get stuck in some other place while exploring Hyrule, come back to our dedicated Tears of the Kingdom section here on TouchTapPlay and check out other helpful guides.

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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Beat Moragia in TotK