Home Switch Tears of the Kingdom: Can the Gloom Sword Kill Link in TotK?

Tears of the Kingdom: Can the Gloom Sword Kill Link in TotK?

Tears of the Kingdom: Can the Gloom Sword Kill Link in TotK?
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Expert adventurers can come across a powerful foe late into Tears of the Kingdom, and defeating him drops powerful weapons that boast high attack power with a sinister twist. We are back in the Zelda lab today, and our experiments have led us to the question: Can the Gloom Sword kill Link in Tears of the Kingdom?

Does the Gloom Sword kill Link if he is weak enough in Tears of the Kingdom?

Spoiler warning! The Gloom weapons drop from a spoiler boss, so turn back now if you want to avoid spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom.

If you have been adventuring through Hyrule for some time now, there is no doubt you have come across a pool of gloom filled with sentient hands. These demonic beasts are known as gloom spawn, and they are essentially this game’s version of the infamous Guardians from Breath of the Wild.

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Taking down a gloom spawn is quite the feat, but there are certain gloom spawns that, when defeated, morph into a shadow image of Ganon known as Phantom Ganon. We were quite surprised when we first witnessed this!

Phantom Ganon utilizes a wide arrange of weapons, just like Link. If you manage to take it down, you get to claim the gloom weapons for yourself. The gloom weapons have a very high attack power, but they also have the Gloom Toll side effect—damaging an enemy saps your maximum hearts, just as if you were standing in a pool of gloom.

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With great power comes great responsibility, and you can quickly find yourself in trouble if you use the gloom weapons recklessly. Of course, like many of you, the first thing we thought of was if it was possible to kill yourself using the gloom weapons.

Thankfully, Link cannot kill himself with gloom weaponry. We tested this by dropping into the depths and waiting in a pool of gloom until all our hearts were broken, save for the very last one. We then used a Gloom Sword on multiple enemies, to the point where it broke, and Link was completely fine.

So, swing your gloom weapons to your heart’s content, you reckless hero you! Just be mindful, as a single tap from an enemy will kill Link on the spot if you are down to your very last heart.

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Tears of the Kingdom: Can the Gloom Sword Kill Link in TotK?