Taxi Sim 2020 Cheats: Tips & Guide to Be the Best Taxi Driver

In today’s article we will go through all of the Taxi Driver 2020 tips and cheats that we have discovered so far, and help you become the best taxi drive there is!

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If you ever wondered what it feels like, being a taxi driver and how the life if a taxi driver is like, then you are in luck. This game will let you casually drive around, pick up clients and go about your day, making money and sightseeing while trying to keep a low profile and abide the traffic rules!

So if you are ready to check out everything we know about the game, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Taxi Sim 2020 tips and tricks right here below!

Pick up the customers

If you want to make money to afford better cars and various car upgrades, then you will need to work for that! And the only way that you can work as a taxi driver is to pick up clients of course!

So one of the things which you should definitely do is start picking up all of the customers that you can! As long as you take the customers to their destination and do what they want, you will collect a lot of money!

Now you need to know that customers might have various requests, such as not running red lights, not having accidents, and rightfully so – as a taxi driver your client is your priority! So you are responsible for their well-being while they are in your vehicle.

Listen to their requests

The customers will have various requests, which will help you get more money from them. Some customers will ask you to not run any red lights, while others might not really care at all about that!

I suggest that you always do what they ask you to because they might tip generously depending on the situation!

Follow traffic rules

There are some traffic rules which you can follow, and are exactly as the ones from reality! Really, you know them! Do not pass any red lights, do not have accidents, and most importantly – do not kill anyone!

I would suggest that you never pass red lights, because those will affect your score – apart from that, you should also try to not hit any humans. Whenever you hit pedestrians you will probably kill them, so try to avoid that. If you hit people, you will get a penalty, so try to avoid doing anything like that.

Destroy everything in Free Ride Mode?

Now if you want to test out the game’s limits, without any drawbacks, there is this fun little option which lets you go on a free ride, and have fun doing pretty much anything that you think is possible in the game.

You can play in the Free Ride Mode and try to explore all parts of the cities at different times of the day to see not only how pretty the environment is, but also how the traffic is. If you want to practice, feel free to do it in this mode because you will not get penalties.

Practice in this mode

Before you go into the Career Mode you should take your time and get used to the game’s controls (or maybe try out different control types) in the Free Ride Mode. Here you should try out the game at different times, so for example if you go to Miami, you can see how the city behaves at three times of the day.

Find the right control type for you

The game has a few different control types, and you should definitely try to find the one which feels the most comfortable for you. You will be asked at start to choose between the controls, but if you are not yet sure how each of them behaves, then you can just select one and change it to try all the other ones later on.

To change the controls to try out different ones, you can simply go to the Settings button int he top left corner of the screen, then select from the Steering Mode one of the other options and see how you like it.

I suggest that you try the tilt and pedal because that one will be one of the easiest in my opinion. You can also adjust the tilt sensitivity so it will steer much faster and you will control the car much easier.

Do your daily challenges

If you want to eventually unlock your dream car, then you will need to save up Coins or Cash to buy it! There are some daily challenges which reward you with plenty of Coins once you complete all of them!

The Daily Challenges can be found by heading on to the Challenges tab. There you will see in the very first tab the time that you have left to complete your daily mission, and in the second tab your all time Achievements.

Those all time Achievements give you much better rewards – thousands of Coins per one completed Achievements, but they are also much more difficult to unlock. So try to first of all focus on doing all of your daily challenges, and the you can give the Achievements a quick read and see what you need to do to complete them all.

Claim your free Coins

If you want to get closer to that Mustang or any of the other super cars that you can buy, then you will need every source that can give you Coins! And that is exactly what I will give you today!

If you check on top of the screen, you will notice a gift icon there. Tap on it, and there you will see three options which let you obtain a total of 90 free Coins! You don’t really have to do anything, just tap on the button to claim them!

When you tap on the button it will open a new window – all that you need to do is close it and head back into the game and you will have claimed the rewards! Do this three times to claim all the rewards and you’re set!

Customize your ride

Every single car out there can be customized to look good and to be according to your taste. You only need to head on to the Garage and then select the car which you want to play with. From there you can see on the left side how the car looks as Taxi, and as a Private car.

I suggest that if you want to customize something, you start with the paint because that one is the most obvious one. Changing the color costs 100 Coins, so you’ll need to have that before you find the perfect color of your dreams!

Then you can change the car’s Rims – those have different prices, so decide on one which you really like firstly. The Plates can also be customized with your own nickname, and that will go for another 100 Coins!

Just make sure that you change the car that you will want to eventually keep or play a long time with, because otherwise you can just save the Coins for purchasing better cars.

Change the points of view

There are three main points of view that you can play from. They can be changed from the in-game button, but I suggest that you keep the third person view because that makes it the easiest to spot red lights and all the pedestrians.

If you want to take it one level up and make it more real of a simulation, you can keep it on the first person, because that will show you pretty much how it is driving a car in reality (without the actual traffic bills that you would take)!

Go to the Car Wash

There is a Car Wash in the game which will let you clean your car and make it pretty and shiny again! When you go to a Car Wash it will cost 1 Cash to wash it, but you can also do it for free by watching an advertisement.

I suggest that if you want to wash it, you definitely watch a short ad to do so, because it is free and since it’s free, you can use that to your advantage to save money!

Don’t be the guy going with the lights off at night!

If you’ve seen one of these people going with their lights off in reality, then you know that they are a danger to everyone! So… while this might be just a game, it’s a simulation game! So don’t forget to turn on your lights when you are driving at night, because that is the first step to make you a good driver!

These would be all of our Taxi Sim 2020 tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Taxi Sim 2020 Cheats: Tips & Guide to Be the Best Taxi Driver

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