The crazy cat that every one loves is back with an all-new game! Talking Tom Jetski features Tom taking to the ocean in a crazy water racing game that has you flying over obstacles and collecting as many stars as you can! You can also play as Talking Angela! We’ll show you how to score high with our Talking Tom Jetski cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep your finger below Tom!

When you’re maneuvering Tom, always make sure that your finger is below him. You can control him by dragging your finger anywhere on the screen, but the best place to do it is below Tom himself. This ensures that you can see where he is in relation to your movements, and it’ll help you dodge obstacles better!

2. Complete the missions!

You’ll get a set of three missions to complete when you first start the game. These will range from breaking a certain amount of obstacles with a power up, riding between two specific objects, or collecting a specific power up. Once you complete all three in the set, your score multiplier will go up by one. Every set you complete will further increase it by one, so the key to getting huge scores is to keep doing the missions!

3. Control your speed!

You have some control over your speed throughout the use of the power ups. Over time your speed will naturally deteriorate, but you can speed up the process by picking up the speed down power ups. They look like down arrows. Conversely, the speed up arrows are pointing up. You want to make sure that you’re not going too fast; you could end up crashing into a random object! Don’t slow down too much though – you might not make certain jumps if you’re too slow.

4. You can crash into certain obstacles!

Certain obstacles are not really obstacles at all! Watermelons, rubber ducks, inflatables, and any “small” object can be ran into. Even better, they usually contain stars inside so destroying them is actually beneficial! Just be careful to watch what you run into – not everything is destructible and running into one will end your game!

5. Check your objectives on the fly!

When you complete a set of missions, you will automatically get a new set right away. You can check your new set of missions during a run by tapping the three buttons at the top right. If you keep doing this you’ll be able to get a huge score on just one run! Don’t forget that you keep your score multiplier forever; you just need to keep doing the missions!

That’s all for Talking Tom! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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