Tales of Wind: All Classes In The Game

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If you are curious about the upcoming Tales of Wind classes and what each of them is specialized in, then this article is just what you were looking for! In today’s article we will cover everything about the Tales of Wind classes and their specialization, so if you want to know what our picks will be for a starting character, make sure you stay tuned ’till the end!

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Since this game is scheduled to be released soon, you might want to head on to the pre-registration page and do that first hand, as you will receive some very cool rewards once the game goes live! 

The information we have revealed now is still not set in stone, as the game is just in the pre-release stage. Therefore, some stuff might change once the game goes live! Thus being said, let’s not waste another second and take you right into the classes of Tales of Wind!


The Warrior is a balanced class which, once promoted, can become the tank of the party (Paladin) or a mighty damage dealer with good sustain and -still- decent defense (Berserker).

Specializes in: Defense, Melee

Promotion Path: Paladin, Berserker

– Paladin: The Paladin is the go to promotion path for those who are looking to support their teams by tanking the incoming damage and wielding that shiny holy shield. It’s great especially if you are used to that play style.

– Berserker: The Berserkers don’t wield a shield anymore, and they basically go YOLO on the battlefield, swinging their huge sword left and right and defeating enemies. This is an amazing class if you are going to want to do everything yourself, as the self sustain, decent damage and defense will basically set you up for any circumstance you might encounter.



The Mage is my favorite class to play in most of the games, as it has a good range, cool looking skills (usually) and they can be super powerful in terms of damage, especially in PvP.

Specializes in: Range, AoE Damage

Promotion Path: Pyromancer, Frostweaver

– Pyromancer: This path is the “hot” one, which uses fire for dealing with the enemies. It’s super powerful, having a pretty high attack damage, but it also has some sustainability. It’s great if you love fire skills (because that’s all it uses)!

– Frostweaver: The exact opposite of the Pyromancer, this path has the “cool” skills. Wielder of Ice, the skills of this Mage path can inflict a ton of CC (crowd control) to the enemy, while also dealing a lot of damage.



The Cleric is one of the most key classes in many games. They are the healers, the ones who can carry (or not!) the burden of the team and the ones who protect their lives. Playing a Cleric is really fun, but if you don’t really know what to do and when, it could go downhill fast. 

This class is super important in PvP and during boss raids and tough events, as a good healer can turn a battle in their team’s favor with a single spell. (Hence I only recommend this for the people who are familiar with the play style)

Specializes in: Healing, Support

Promotion Path: Priest, Ranger

– Priest: This is the healer path, which could be considered key in many situations, all throughout the game. They can revive dead allies, as well as provide good heals and generally support their team. It could prove funny to play, as sometimes you can simply not heal someone if you don’t like them! (but don’t do it because it’s mean)

– Ranger: Now kinda opposed to the Priest but still retaining similar traits, is the Ranger, which is quite balanced all round. It can do damage, heal and place curses on the enemies, which could be considered a very good support to any team (as it doesn’t ONLY do heals).



The sneaky foxes; the men hiding in the shadows; the silent killers; those could all be considered Assassin traits, some which can even be found in Tales of Wind! The class focuses on high damage and quick (but deadly) attacks.

Specializes in: Sneak Attack, Melee

Promotion Path: Asura, Ninja

– Asura: Wielding two deadly “claws” their attacks are quick and inflict a ton of damage. They rely on crits and high damage, but they can also inflict curses on the enemies surrounding them.

– Ninja: The Ninjas are the stealth killers (as you might have already imagined) and they are the ultimate Assassins: providing stealth skills and quick attacks, they also inflict CC (crowd control) debuffs on the enemies! Oh, and they can also perform summons! 

All in all, the classes that I consider strong for someone who is just getting started and has close to no experience in this game genre, I suggest starting with either any of the Mage classes (Pyromancer or Frostweaver) or with a cool Berserker. 

The Ranger is pretty balanced too, so if you want something to provide a little support to the team or if you’re playing with a friend and want to make things easier for both, then this class might work.

Thus being said, these are all the Tales of Wind classes which are going to be released soon! Tell us down in the comments below which class and path you are going to pick and why! I’m most likely going to pick the Berserker! 

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Tales of Wind: All Classes In The Game

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