Mindfox Studios, the studio behind big mobile hits like Subway Surfers, Spellbinders, Dawnbringer, and Stormblades, brings us a new intergalactic swinging adventure: Space Loops!

You love cereal, we love cereal, who doesn’t love cereal?! Even aliens love cereal – that’s right, even the extraterrestrial beings that live in distant galaxies love those sugary, crunchy little bits. We’re low on cereal though, so now you have to steal the aliens’ cereal!

Grab your ship and your grappling hook, cause it’s time to swing through space using simple one-touch controls. Grapple onto the terrain and use good old physics to rocket yourself through the level, grabbing as much cereal as you can!

You will need to be careful though, because this is space we’re talking about – the same place where supernovas and black holes appear! Swing through swiftly but surely as you dodge certain doom.

Along your flight, you will also run into space gems. Grab these to unlock wacky new characters and fun spaceships. You don’t want to fly through the cosmos in a dull ride right? Take your pick – you can be a unicorn, a pig, or even a bee. The possibilities are endless in space!

Space Loops is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Get to swinging!


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