The quest for legendary bananas continues in MoBu 2! In this action-packed sequel to the original racing adventure MoBu, a new world has been discovered and there’s a lot of swinging action in store for you!

MoBu 2 is a unique blend of racing elements on a platforming background. Just like the first game, MoBu is controlled by extending his lanky arms to grapple to the ceiling. With the right timing, you can launch yourself and build momentum to get some crazy speed.

In the single-player adventure, you’ll help MoBu go through five exciting worlds in a race against time. You’ll wade through a gloomy jungle filled with dangerous beasts, a polluted wasteland, and a hidden temple filled to the brim with dangerous traps!

Once you’ve become a battle-hardened adventurer, why not take on the world in MoBu 2’s excellent multiplayer mode? You can race other players from around the world online in a real-time matches. Show off your swinging skills as you play through different arenas!

To give you an edge, MoBu can also be equipped with magical spell cards that you can either boost MoBu or hinder your opponents. There are 24 offensive and defensive spells for you to utilize – buff yourself with speed boosts, or zap your opponents with lightning!

You can also make your own MoBu stand out by customizing him with a ton of outfit options. Give him a fancy little hat, a sleek belt, some cool shades, or even wings! There’s no limit to what you can come up with, and you can even use fun little emotes as well!

MoBu 2 swings into action today, and you can grab it from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


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