These Sushi Bar tips and cheats we have for you in today’s guide will help you level up faster than you can say “sushi” and allow you to get all the upgrades as fast as possible! If you are a fan of Japanese food (just like I am) this game is going to e a fun and enjoyable experience and will leave you pretty hungry!

In order to grow and expand you’ll need money (obviously). That is a great way to get you started in any business actually, so if you want to open deluxe locations everywhere around Japan, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Sushi Bar tips and tricks!

Do the upgrades quickly

In every location there are 3 upgrades for the restaurant and 4 for each chef. You’re going to want to make these upgrades, as they will make miracles, trust me! The upgrades work like this:

– Speed (1 – 10): Increases the speed of the whole restaurant basically. The cooks will do their job faster and the conveyor band will run many times faster.  

– Price (x1 – x5): The price per sushi piece increases, and thus you will earn more, the more people eat!

– Seat (4 – 28): Upgrades the number of seats from that specific location.

The first thing I suggest to upgrade in every new location is the seats. The more seats, the more customers can come in and enjoy the delicious dishes! In brackets you have the starting number and the maximum number of a maxed out upgrade. 

Every chef that you hire also has 4 dishes that they specialize in, and each one of them has to be unlocked and upgraded up to 4 times. Each new upgrade will cost more, but that’s because the quality of the dish improves, so they will be worth more. 

Since every table has 28 seats per total, you will get them all eventually. The order I suggest you do things is this:

  1. Upgrade to 5 or 6 seats.
  2. Put 1 or 2 points in Price.
  3. Upgrade to Speed 4.
  4. Upgrade Price again, up to x2.
  5. Upgrade to 8-10 seats.
  6. Upgrade Speed as much as possible.
  7. Do the rest of the upgrades in what ever order you want.

This is the way I have found things to work best, because like that you can feed as many people at once as possible. The speed will also be enough to feed everyone (or most of them at least).

Watch an ad to get more money when you level up

It speaks for itself; when you level up you will get a big amount of money. Why not triple it? It’s going to make things so much easier, trust me! When you level up always try to watch ad advertisement to get 3x the money you’d normally get from leveling. 

Unlock new locations with new levels

When you start the game you will have only 1 location available. But with more levels, you’ll unlock many more locations all around Japan, and not only! A new restaurant will unlock every 25 levels, so let’s see where you will have a new sushi place next!

Location 1: Tokyo (Unlocks at level 0)

Location 2: Osaka (Unlocks at level 25)

Location 3: Okinawa (Unlocks at level 50)

Location 4: Moscow (Unlocks at level 75)

Location 5: Paris (Unlocks at level 100)

Each location will start from scratch with just 1 cook and all the upgrades at level 1, so you will have to tend to them and make them as successful as the previous ones! It will get progressively harder and more expensive, but with time you can do everything!

Tap the customers to “help” them pick up their dish

If you want to be very interactive with the game, then start by tapping the customers to force them basically to pick up the dish in front of them. They won’t mind, so don’t worry about the morale of the game! 

Make upgrades constantly

I suggest that if you have managed somehow to unlock a new location without finishing all the upgrades from a previous level, go back and finish them! It’s not a waste to finish upgrading Tokyo if you are already rocking Paris.

All the little money you earn will be good money, because later on all the upgrades will cost a ton of money, so every little penny (or should I say Yen) is welcome!

Don’t be afraid to go offline

Since this is a very typical (but fun) idle game, you really don’t have to be in game constantly. It’s more than OK to close the game and come back at a later time for claiming your rewards! 

Leveling up will cap at a certain level once you go offline (after it reached the maximum exp needed), so you will need to manually tap the “Level Up” option, but don’t worry because the gold will keep rolling in!

These would be all of our Sushi Bar tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you have reached level 125 and discovered the last location, leave a comment down below! And also, if you know some other tips to help us and everyone else level up fast, share them with us as well!


  1. Really Helped with it can somebody tell me more of the places

    Level 1: Tokyo
    Level 2:Osaka
    Level 3:Okinawa
    Level 4:Moscow
    Level 5:Paris


    • Level 1: Tokyo
      Level 2:Osaka
      Level 3:Okinawa
      Level 4:Moscow
      Level 5:Paris
      Level 6: New York
      Level 7: Rome
      Level 8: Amsterdam
      Level 9: London
      Level 10: Los Angeles

  2. I’m at level 250, and it’s at Los Angeles. Before that was London and Amsterdam. It isn’t showing another place after LA however, so I don’t know if that’s the end o not

  3. Yea I am at level 253 and max out everything. Waiting for the next update to add a place. I went through and got 3 stars on all cooks. I’m hoping they add something soon.

  4. Hello to neelam, Chris, Seantown, Whitney lamb, Jacinta, Chris and Igor

    This is Sam about 2 years later you were all very helpful with my query.

    Thanks, SAM


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