After a mysterious force crashes their helicopter, a research team is stranded in the middle of the Antarctic. Forced to stay in an abandoned arctic research base, the team soon realizes that they are not alone in the cold…

Distrust is a real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of the research team. The original game was released on PC, and now it is coming to mobile thanks to an external team known as CMGE Group Limited.

In it, you will control up to three researchers at a time. Before you set out on a mission, players may choose their researchers. They each have their own unique abilities, like some are able to withstand the cold longer, while others are better with machines and tools.

Each mission tasks the research team with a main objective that can range from activating all the power generators or creating a chemical bomb. The team must scavenge and search for supplies from building to building all the while fending off hunger, fatigue, cold, and of course enemies!

Mysterious anomalies are attracted to the presence of sleeping people. When they come, they will absorb life energy so you must be prepared to fight them off! They seem to be wary of light, so that may be the key!

Will you be able to lead the research team to safety and discover the truth behind the anomalies? Or will you meet your bitter end in the cold? Find out when the full version of Distrust launches on the App Store on February 18, 2019.


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