Time management games work perfectly on iOS devices – actually, I really believe that touch sensitive displays have been invented with time management games in mind. This being said, it’s pretty obvious that Supermarket Management 2 should be the most amazing game to play on your iPad or iPhone, right? Well, we’re about to see how true this statement in this review here.

The game starts with our beautiful heroine telling her grandma during her yoga session about the nightmares she’s having about the family shop. You are in charge of making sure that none of that is going to happen – on the contrary! So do some exercise first, warm up those fingers and prepare for a blast!

The mechanics of the game are pretty regular for a time management game: you have your shelves that need to be restocked, trolleys that need to be placed in order and customers that need help in your newly opened shop. In other words, madness waiting to happen (and trust me, it will happen!) But, as it always is the case with time management games, it’s pure fun madness that we’re talking about!

supermarket management 2 -2

Fortunately, you are not alone in your quest of meeting the demands of your customers: you can hire additional staff to help you with your chores (read: “must”, not “can”) and you can upgrade your character or counters in your shop to have them hold more items or be more effective. A helping hand is always required if you are to meet the expert goals that allows you to earn more coins that in return allow you to make more money. It’s a pretty basic concept, but it takes a lot of skill to make it happen.

There are some nice twists in the rather repetitive gameplay mechanics: mini games that are quick and fun and easy in theory, but not so easy when you work under pressure and think about ten different things at the same time. But these minigames are welcomed because they take you our of the tapping madness and give you a much welcome break. Not to mention that every now and then you have between-level minigames that offer you a chance of winning a ton of coins to spend on upgrades!

supermarket management 2 -1

All in all, Supermarket Management 2 is a well done, challenging and beautiful game that you should clearly try out when you have the chance. If you don’t like this type of game, this one will probably not make you change your mind, but if you are already a fan of the genre, you will surely have a ton of fun playing it. Personally, I wrote the review between levels – it’s THAT addictive!

iTunes link: iPhone and iPad
Final rating: 8.6


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