A new game developed by Supercell is going to be released later next week on the App Store and Google Play Store, a game that promises to be just as engaging as the other games developed by the studio.

The new game by Supercell is called Brawl Stars. The game has been soft-launched a while back on iOS, but now the team has finally made the final adjustments and it’s now ready to let players all over the world enjoy it.

Brawl Stars is an extremely accessible 3v3 multiplayer game filled with different play modes. Modes are actually pretty varied, ranging from a simple battle royale mode for solo players and team to other objective-based modes like Heist mode, where players have to crack a safe protected by the opposing them, and Brawl Ball.

Brawl Stars comes with a lot of different characters sporting different abilities. All characters can also be upgraded and customized so to make it easier to dominate local and regional leaderboards.

Brawl Stars releases next week on the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide. Pre-registrations for the game are also open if you really cannot wait to get into the action.


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