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The Battle Of Polytopia Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Your Games

The Battle Of Polytopia Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Your Games
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Super Tribes (now known as The Battle Of Polytopia) is an amazing minimalistic game, a mobile version of Civilization with extremely intuitive controls (having in mind there’s no tutorial!) and in depth gameplay that can keep you hooked for hours. It’s a beautiful game you will love and it’s almost unbelievable to see that there’s no pay wall for a free game. Before we get to today’s point – which is some The Battle Of Polytopia cheats and tips to help you get better at the game – I have to say this: spend the 99 cents for unlocking the Kickoo tribe and reward the developers for creating an absolutely astonishing game!

And now let’s get back to business and let’s get more in depth with this gem and check out below some The Battle Of Polytopia cheats and tips that will help you easily win all your games easily!

1. What tribe to play with
Each tribe starts with one free early technology, but my opinion is that the Oumaji are the best choice because they start with the Riding tech, which not only allows you to train Raiders, but you also start with one Rider. They are way better than the regular warriors and the best thing about them is that they have two movement points, which helps a lot early on in the game with exploration and even fighting.

2. Your second tech is vital
If you choose anything but the Oumaji to start with, the second tech for your civilization (the first you unlock using starts) should always be the Rider, in my opinion. If you start with the Oumaji, simply unlock the technology that you can use most to improve your city or cities: if you have many fish nearby, go for Fishing. If you have animals, go for Hunting and so on. You need a sort of resource-generating tech in order to level up your cities and get more stars for building even more.

3. What to choose when you level up a city
When you reach the required population, a city grows and gives you the choice of one important reward. I would always choose the extra star for the first level because that helps tremendously in the long run. The second upgrade is a bit trickier, but I would normally go with Resources if the city is not close to enemy lines and City Wall otherwise. Then, when you get the option for the Super Unit, that’s what you need to get!

4. Research the Swordsman ASAP
In my opinion, the Swordsman is the best unit for taking out all enemy units – and doing it fast, so rush to research and start training them as soon as possible. In order to unlock the Swordsman, you need to have researched Climbing and Mining first, and once I get them, I will train mostly Sowrdsmen and sometimes Riders.

5. Rush to conquer the tribes
I try to capture a city or, even better, destroy an entire civilization before I manage to unlock the Swordsmen, but once I do, I go full on attack and focus on raising my cities and training more troops. The idea is to capture all civilizations as soon as possible, to never worry about war anymore. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can start focusing on getting more resources, training more troops and getting all the bonuses (because the game doesn’t end when you capture all civilizations). So capture them all as soon as possible, then cruise to an epic victory!

6. How to capture enemy cities
For a strange reason, it took me a while to learn that you can actually make the captured enemy cities your own, so I am sharing this with you here: once you have captured a city and you have a troop there, next turn the option “capture” appears when you select the troop. Do that and the city will be yours, producing resources for you and helping you win.

7. What the cities tell you
Since there is no tutorial, I will tell you what you might already know if you played the game extensively, but might not know otherwise: under your city, there are some small tiles. The dots on them show you how many troops that city supports (once city can’t support more troops than tiles), and they turn blue each time a new population is added. When you max out the population, the city will level up, giving you a bonus and the chance to support more troops.

8. Build everything around your cities
If you’re playing your cards right, after the first 15-20 turns, you will already have the other civilizations taken care of (or mostly destroyed), so you can completely focus on spending the stars on growing your cities and getting even more stars for a higher score. Build everything you can, harvest everything there is to harvest and only afterwards invest each turn in researching all the technologies. With a bit of luck, you can easily beat this game and have a super duper high score.

9. Max out the troops in your cities
Even after defeating all the civilizations, you should build troops in your cities – and always the most expensive ones, because these give you most points. Try to have the troops full in all cities for a maximum score gain. Build roads and connect then to your capital, build temples, explore the whole map – do everything there is to be done to get the most possible points from your game!

IF you do all these, I am sure you will do a lot better in the brilliant Super Tribes game. If you have other tips and tricks to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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The Battle Of Polytopia Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Your Games


    • Not really, they are just better verisons of the warrior and raider. I tried to rush for chiv instead of forging (or whatever it is called) and I got rekt

      • I found out that knights can be a catapult spammer’s kryptonyte, due to their long movement range and high attack, they can rush in from rear cities and one-hit catapults.

        (Sources: A 2nd place Baldurans with 2 tribes worth of land and nothing but catapults, literally every spot of land i could see of theirs was catapults.)

        • Basically this.
          If they build loads of catapults you can’t zerg rush them because of having to close the 3 squares. Knights are the only way to kill a mass of them due to the persistence trait. Ditto archers and mind benders.

          However they are crap in defence. So make a strong front line of swords, keep the knights back on roads to make them move far, force a gap so they can hit a weak unit, then mop up by moving from one weak unit to another. Don’t hit swordsmen except when there is nothing else.

      • dude it takes practice to be able to rush for knights.
        choose omaji or aquarion to start.
        as soon as you start(first or second turn) research riding, after you do that research the next thing, produce a few riders to explore, but the price of rsearch goes up with the number of cities you have, after you research the second thing (i think its meditation)
        get chivalry and THEN get and level up cities. if you focus on cities instead of research then research becomes harder.
        thank you

  1. And a Tip, try to get naval forces early and try to explore a lot of the map, naval units (especially if you have navigation), if clustered in a group of 4 can kill a giant in one turn. Also, Giants have 3 attack and 1 defense, so use them to attack, not defend.

    • You can’t build new cities – you either have the tribes join you (the small huts you find when exploring) or capture cities from the opponent. But you can’t build a new city like you can in Civilization, for example.

  2. The easiest way to win personally would be to rush archers and spam the as yo coqur everyone. Also, ports help because the boas do plenty of damage and have plenty of range whenattacking.

  3. How can I select a city to build something of a unit is thee? For some reason, I can only select a city and build a unit there if the city is unoccupied. What am I missing?

  4. Isnt the catapult the most op unit? It deals massive damage for a cheap price, and virtually the only thing that can stop it is either another catapult or a knight that charges into the catapult, which normally gets one shotted the next turn. Also, i find the swordsman is too slow, and can be easily destroyed by a few ranged units. My strategy is always to rush for the catapult, knight and sailing, as the knight can charge in and clean up while the catapult rains down hell on any enemy units. As for sailing, its a great tech to transport units while also being a great ranged unit to take down a few enemy units. I also find the defender is surprisingly effective, dealing decent damage while tanking damage from even catapults, since its practically the only unit apart from the giant that doesnt get one shotted by the catapult.

    • For a unit you can produce, I believe it’s the best (but I can’t even beat a single enemie on easy so what do I know) but once you get a level 5 city, get a super unit with 40 HP, 3 ATK, and 1 DEF.

    • yes, buy another tribe THEN you have the ability to play with that tribe as an AI or you can play it.
      the reason you can only play with three opponents is there are, after you have selected your tribe, only three tribes left. understand?

  5. What I generally do is rush for navigation then I rush for sword men and through them on boats. Then if there are any land faring nations I get catapults and use roads to transport them

    • Also if I’m surrounded I switch knights with sheildmen because while I’m waiting for the next turn my opponents can’t take over my city unless they have a bigger navy then me.

  6. When you’re playing two-player might mode, or destroy their capital to win, I suggest rather than swordsman go for ranged troops and riders. I think hunting upgrades to archers and forestry. If you get forestry, you have the option to get mathematics which is every cleared forest gives you two stars, every log huts is 1 or 2 population and you have the option to build catapults. Catapults are awesome for taking cities and even do well against giants.

  7. Great game! Even after topping 80k with each tribe, I am somehow still addicted. There seems to be no “correct” way to play as I do it differently every time, but I’ve found the following to be true more often than not:

    1) The best tribes for getting really high scores are Kickoo, Oumaji, and Xin-Xi because these tribes either start with abilities that let you explore more quickly or reduce the cost of abilities that let you explore more quickly.
    2) Swordsmen are a waste of money. If you’re attacking, catapults are better for the same cost. If you’re defending, defenders are just as good and cost 2 less each.
    3) With every tribe, I unlock the same skills Fishing, Sailing, Navigation, Riding, Roads, Trading, Hunting, Forestry, Mathematics, Free Spirit. I usually do it in that order, but I’ll deviate depending on terrain, resources, and how often I’m getting attacked. I’ll work in Whaling, Organization, and Shields as needed.
    4) Whaling and Forestry can either be free or net you a profit quite often. If Whaling costs less than the number of whales you have access to times 10 then it’s free. If Forestry costs less than the number of forests you have access to times 2 then it’s free.
    5) There is no reason to ever not clear a forest. Lumber mills aren’t worth the space they take and Sawmills aren’t worth the effort.
    6) Stop building giants once you have enough riders, defenders, catapults, and ships to finish off your enemies. Switch to parks. The sooner you can do this the better as they provide more score than Giants.
    7) Start building temples as soon as you have enough units to wipe out your enemies and explore the map (or whenever you have an extra 20 stars).
    6) Build a Custom House on the best spot you can for every city you take as soon as you possibly can. With good placement you can hit around 200 stars per turn by the end of the game.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  8. Nah Dude, One Knight can literally clean all your catapults, Swordsmen have the same defense as the shielded thingy but deals more damage and can dash(move and attack). I believe that the most powerful unit in the game is the battleship, put shielded troops inside them and voila your enemy will be annihilated in an instant. 4-7 Battleship would be enough. Support them with your knight for cleaning fragile troops and there you have it. As for the defense in my cities, I always choose the walls upgrade with some giants on them and a few catapults on the back. Ps: the wall+giants are for the cities near the enemy. As for my population thingy, It’s always farm, windmill,port some of the special building, the minesOn the mountain and 1 temple that is built at the early stage. PS again:you can build lots of farm by planting trees, burning the trees and turning them into a farm. That’s my late game strategy against the crazy difficulty. And yeah my favorite pick is the Vengir( you can use lucky patcher to buy all of them but I payed for them cause I really want to support the developer :P,IF YOU DONT KNOW LUCKY PATCHER, YOURE A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR AN ANDROID OWNER LOL JK) For my early strata I just rush them with swordsmen and knights and giants to finish them all off that’s it lol. HOPE THIS HELP FOR YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE

  9. what a fail of a guide.
    thank you.

  10. I personally like to rush giants and put mind benders behind them to heal, It’s INSANELY overpowered in the late game, since giants don’t cost resources, it makes a great low budget build and has carried me through a lot of difficul sitations.

    A. Outstanding choice for holding choke points, perfect against an onslaught of knights or battleships, since any units that get too close can just be turned to your side by mind benders (If they haven’t been killed by giants).
    B. Great for keeping a stable economy, mind benders are pretty cheap, with a cost of only five stars, they can be produced easily if other mind benders die.
    C. Great for pressuring cities, I would only suggest using this strategy to pressure cities if you have 5 or more giants in your arsenal, ESPECIALLY if the enemy has a good navy or catapults.
    D. Unbelievably good option against an enemy that spams defenders or swordsmen. Can easily out compete a front line full of warriors, defenders, or swordsmen

    A. Huge navies can wipe out your arsenal of giants if you aren’t careful.
    Solution: Put catapults in the back line with your mind benders, and steer clear of battleships
    B. Can have a rough time with city walls and giants or defenders
    Solution: Surround the city and use a mind bender to convert the enemy inside the city, this may not work all the time if the enemy has archers
    C. Huge lines of archers and catapults can decimate your front lines, make sure you reserve a knight behind your giants in this situation.

    In order to use this strategy effectively, I would highly recommend favoring expansion of income over destroying tribes immediately

  11. Just a tip. For the first upgraded cities I get the explorer instead of the star, and then after three or so explorers I do the star. You get to know your surroundings but also get the extra stars. It also helps you find new villages in the beginning.


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